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February 24, 2017

Greetings Everyone, Happy First Quarter!

We are reaching out to our label friends with our periodic update of things Broadtime and Indie Retail.

In the newsletter:

1. Music Biz Meetings & SXSW
2. Latest BPM Developments
3. Houston SUPERBOWL and Broadtime
4. Broadtime Touring Support
5. Broadtime App Development
6. This Week's Titles & Marketing



1. MusicBiz Meetings and SXSW Plans

We are happily scheduling our Music Biz Meetups now and we plan to have a some exciting new things to share this year. Please let us know what time slots and availability you have so that we may get together.

Additionally, please email us your SXSW plans for showcases and parties as well as we are figuring out that schedule as well.


2. Latest BPM Station developments

So at Broadtime we keep looking for ways to improve and provide even more effective tools for retailers to engage with their customers. Some of those improvements include a new freestanding version of our station AND a brand new headphone clip. The clip can mount to the new stand or to our existing wall/desk mount fixtures. It's a VESA standard so it works in all configurations. 

We will begin including the headphone attachment on all new units. We will offer existing customers the ability to purchase them.

Here are some pictures: (Super Bowl Media Lounge)

Headphone holder



3. Superbowl Houston and Broadtime

Broadtime was asked by the Houston Visitors bureau to provide a listening station solution for their Media Lounge for the big Superbowl this month. (I really thought ATL was going to make it happen.) We were excited to provide our stations and work with their local music community to showcase Houston artists both nationally known and truly local and unsigned bands. 

If you would like to see the custom interface we created for it, hit me up via email and I will send you a link. We are super happy to be involved in the project and it opens up many new possibilities for us. If you have a radio station, festival or other event happening in your community, please consider how our stations could be utilized to enhance you and the music presence.




Speed Limit

As we look to creative ways, to drive more attention to artists and releases at retail, we contemplated the markets where we have website and kiosk customers and the map gives us some really good (and growing) coverage of the country. We are super excited to now have over 80 stations in service at stores around the country.

See Map below and interactively on our Tour Support page. 

So, in addition to our tagging and display of videos, banners, and digital signage, we can create concert calendar events in the markets, and create additional signage and banners, and event tagging.

An individual Event for each show will be created and placed on the calendar of each Record Store within the touring market invoking an EVENT tag to be placed on each release of the artist. The tour dates will also be highlighted on The Home Page and Artist Page of each applicable site and Kiosk. (as well as New Release, and featured item pages)

Broadtime will create and provide an individual animated Kiosk screen saver sign and banners for each Record Store located within the touring market calling out the specific local date and venue. These will rotate when station is idle -


* It's like getting two ads in one, as there is extra promotion that also cover the concerts

* It's up to 4 Months of ad coverage for the tour



Concert Ad

Concert Ad

Example Tear Sheet with Dates

We will add in Tour support on our proposals by default for a modest increase, to cover the cost of the dozen or so banners, signage, and event creation we will undertake. It's optional of course, for some titles it may make more sense to run as we do today.

However, the impact and improved exposure in the touring markets will pull in more and more fans to stores and shows.

Broadtime Coverage


Our new interface is very friendly to the types of label assets we regularly promote. It's really exciting to bring things that are really important front and center on the listening and discovery experience. We are able to promote the store brand in a much more creative way and call out titles that have assets in more places.

The Home screen has a WATCH VIDEOS button and Videos now play full screen before the album preview.

Please check out some of the exciting new branded interface elements and new video experience.




Omega Music - Dayton, OH


Dearborn Music


T-Bones Records & Cafe


Vinyl Renaissance - Kansas City x 2



APP Home Screen Badge APP Home Screen - Full AdAPP Home Screen - Full AdAPP Home Screen - Full Ad

It's no secret that we have been working hard to create a branded customer experience for our stores and for labels in the world of phone apps. While it's valuable to have our listening station delivered in app form, when it comes to creating the ideal app and relationship with customers there are lot of things to do and build. We have been working on the concept for over a year now and we are very close to wide scale roll out (starting with existing customers).

There are several really valuable things that an app can do for LABELS, stores and music customers.

Let's explore them together:

1. BAR CODE SCANNING. Customers get the experience of scanning any barcode and preview both in your store and where ever they are. This keeps them branded back to you for both that feature and for purchase.

2. WELCOME TO THE STORE. Customers get a welcome PUSH message when they come into your store where you may offer coupons, or event or general information

3. STORE MARKETING & VIDEO. (see above images) Like the listening station, they take the experience of your marketing campaigns, featured titles, news, value-adds, and new releases all delivered to their phone and branded back to EACH store for that information. The app will also enable the native watching of VIDEOS.

4. PUSH MESSAGING. You are able to blast out a push message to all users about significant things that are happening at your store such as an IN-STORE or SPECIAL SALE, or even an INDIE EXCLUSIVE. Eventually, we hope to work with you to segment your users, so that you can target specific sets of customers (i.e. Jazz Reissue fans, Artists your customers follow, etc.)

5. MOBILE COMMERCE. It's true that mobile responsive websites are critical and necessary for reaching customers, though industry research suggest that the most powerful phone commerce is directly from a store app. Our first iteration will have a wishlist function for digital downloads (that they retrieve from the website) and then shortly after that we will add checkout for physical fulfillment, all the way through to AEC just like our sites. M-Commerce is now greater than 30% of e-commerce and growing rapidly.

Our ANDROID version of our BPM STORE APP is now in beta testing and we expect to be widely rolling it out to stores before Record Store Day. PLEASE LET US KNOW OF YOUR INTEREST so that we may prioritize customer delivery. You must at least have a listening station to get started.

In the meantime, please download and play with the PLAN 9 App, our first one.

Plan 9 AppClick Here To Download Our AppClick Here To Download Our App - COMING SOON

Visit the Apple APP Store to download our new Plan 9 APP

and place our in-store listening experience in your pocket!


Please let us know what project we can shine a spotlight on for you! We are always happy to prepare an example and show you what is possible on our platform for both websites and Broadtime Preview Machines (BPMs). 

Please look over the various ways we leverage digital assets to promote your album and reach out to us with any questions.

We are grateful for our growth and looking forward to the new year. 

Customer List


Jon Berger

Chris Jones



6. NEW RELEASE ROUND UP - Courtesy of Omega Music Dayton

New Release Round-Up 03-24-17

RHIANNON GIDDENS - Freedom Highway

RHIANNON GIDDENS - Freedom HighwayRHIANNON GIDDENS - Freedom Highway - NonesuchRHIANNON GIDDENS - Freedom Highway
Freedom Highway, Grammy Award–winner and 2017 Grammy nominee Rhiannon Giddens follow-up to her highly praised debut album Tomorrow Is My Turn, is released by Nonesuch Records. The record includes nine original songs Giddens wrote or co-wrote while she and her band toured after Tomorrow Is My Turn's 2015 release, along with a traditional song and two civil rights-era songs, "Birmingham Sunday" and Staple Singers' well-known "Freedom Highway," from which the album takes its name. Giddens and the band will tour the U.S. in the spring.
Video Available 


CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH - The Tourist - Clap Your Hands
The Tourist nods to Alec Ounsworth's musical heroes--a group that includes artists such as John Cale, Robert Wyatt, Tom Waits and Nick Cave. However, this album also shows a natural progression from previous records. ''Better Off'' and ''The Vanity Of Trying'' are lush, keyboard-augmented songs, while ''A Chance To Cure'' and ''Ambulance Chaser'' are rhythmically askew, and the sighing ''Loose Ends'' is delicate, acoustic-based folk-rock.

THE FEELIES - In Between - Bar/None Records
Impose Magazine recently called The Feelies “… one of the most influential bands in the history of alternative and underground music” and Rolling Stone said that they are “a template of formal perfection.” They have influenced bands like REM, Yo La Tengo, Real Estate and WEEZER, Now during their 40th anniversary comes In Between their first album of all new material in over 6 years. While working the VU template they are famous for this album brings some interesting new sonics into the mix. The album is both quieter and decibolically furious than anything they’ve ever done.

PISSED JEANS - Why Love Now - Sub Pop
Pissed Jeans have been making gnarly noise for 13 years, and on their fifth album, Why Love Now, the male-fronted quartet is taking aim at the mundane discomforts of modern life—from fetish webcams to office-supply deliveries. "Rock bands can retreat to the safety of what rock bands usually sing about. So 60 years from now, when no one has a telephone, bands will be writing songs like, 'I'm waiting for her to call me on my telephone.' Kids are going to be like, 'Grandpa, tell me, what was that?' I'd rather not shy away from talking about the internet or interactions in 2016," says frontman Matt Korvette. Pissed Jeans' gutter-scraped amalgamation of sludge, punk, noise, and bracing wit make the band—Korvette, Brad Fry (guitar), Randy Huth (bass) and Sean McGuinness (drums)—a release valve for a world where absurdity seems in a constant battle trying to outdo itself. Why Love Now picks at the bursting seams that are barely holding 21st-century life together. Take the grinding rave-up "The Bar Is Low," which, according to Korvette, is "about how every guy seems to be revealing themselves as a shithead. It seems like every guy is getting outed, across every board of entertainment and politics and music. There's no guy that isn't a total creep." 

ALL THEM WITCHES - Sleeping Through The War

ALL THEM WITCHES - Sleeping Through The WarALL THEM WITCHES - Sleeping Through The War - New West RecordsALL THEM WITCHES - Sleeping Through The War
Produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Rival Sons) and mixed/engineered by UK-bred young-gun Eddie Spear, All The Witches' Sleeping Through The War is the quartet’s most bold and well-crafted record to date. The album’s creation marks the first time in the band’s history that a record was written before entering the studio. This process allowed for an alignment of the band’s art, desire and time. Convening in Nashville for only six days after a year of relentlessly touring their New West Records debut Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, the band’s spirit coalesced in a rhythm of statement and melody that simply needs to be heard...repeatedly. With the guidance of Cobb and Spear, Sleeping Through The War captures the truest energy of the group, full blast, fun and contemplative. The record was made with volume in mind. Sleeping Through The War is meant to be played loud, cranked up and without reservation. Feel it live through your stereo system or listen to it speak in tongues through your headphones. The sounds are nothing without the songs, and the songs are nothing without the lyrics. This record is a result of constant touring, world travel, overstimulated/divided humanity, and a learning of awareness and compassion.
Video Available 



LITTLE BIG TOWN - The BreakerLITTLE BIG TOWN - The Breaker - Capitol NashvilleLITTLE BIG TOWN - The Breaker
Little Big Town release their seventh studio album, The Breaker (Capitol Records Nashville). The album, produced by Jay Joyce, features lead single, Better Man, written by Taylor Swift, and is currently climbing the charts at radio. The Breaker is about letting go of things that break you, it's about the new ground you try and break as a human being and as a musician. Sometimes you're the one that's broken and sometimes you re the breaker, said Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild. It's a sentimental record because we're feeling super grateful for our friends and family and the chance to share the next chapter.

Video Available Early Listen Available




Old 97s - Graveyard Whistling
Summer Moon - With You Tonight
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana
Six Organs Of Admittance - Burning The Threshold
Los Campesinos - Sick Scenes
Crystal Fairy - Crystal Fairy
Wesley Stace - Wesley Stace's John Wesley Harding
Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors
The Stooges - Gimme Danger: Music From The Motion Picture
Xiu Xiu - Forget
Hippo Campus - landmark
Ne-Hi - Offers
Leif Vollebekk - Twin Solitude
Roy Orbison - Black & White Night 30 [CD+Blu-ray]
Dams Of The West - Youngish American
Aaron Watson - Vaquero
Peter Silberman - Impermanence
Dude York - Sincerely
Jaime Wyatt - Felony Blues
Thundercat - Drunk

& More .....

David Bowie - No Plan EP
Adam Torres - I Came To Sing The Song EP
Kevin Devine - Devinyl Splits No. 5 [Vinyl Single]
pronoun - Use Passport To Choose New Location. EP
Tennis - My Emotions Are Blinding
Ruthie Foster - Working Woman
Havok - Intention To Deceive
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - One More Thing



DIA FRAMPTON - BruisesDIA FRAMPTON - Bruises - Nettwerk RecordsDIA FRAMPTON - Bruises
Dia Frampton writes cinematic pop that inspires and pulls at the heart. She has spent the past ten years building towards this moment, beginning at just fifteen with her sister (in Meg and Dia) and enchanting millions on a then-upstart show called The Voice. Her new music draws from all of the elements she has learned from - soaring pop vocals, orchestral grandeur and a never-ending DIY spirit. The aptly titled Bruises is the sophomore solo album. Set for release on March 3, the 12 songs form an autobiographical narrative arc that intersperses light and dark, traveling from self-doubt to fierce determination and will reconnect her with her large fanbase (400K combined social reach) to showcase her more mature sound. Her last album RED debuted at #1 on the Heatseekers chart.
Video Available Early Listen Available


For more information on these and other releases out this week, check out our New Releases charts by week section and don't forget that many of these titles are also available on vinyl.


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