Banner Adverts specifications

for your Websites, BPM Kiosks and Apps.

All Banner Adverts must be either Animated .gif files or

.jpeg files and in the following size specifications:

Standard Banner: 468 x 60 (Pixels)

468 x 60 Banner

This would appear on Websites and BPM Kiosks.

Standard Badge: 234 x 60 (Pixels)

Example Badge

This would appear on Websites, BPM Kiosks and Apps.

Standard Tower: 234 x 600 (Pixels)

Example Tower

This would appear on Websites and Apps.

Kiosk Screensaver Image: 1280 x 960 (Pixels)

Example Kiosk Screensaver

This would appear as a full screen image when the BPM Kiosk is idle.

If the image is an Animated .gif then the animation length should be 10 seconds.

Billboard Image: 1390 x 600 (Pixels)

Example Billboard

This would appear on the Home Screen of your website.