Broadtime Store Manual - Importing Inventory

There are many reasons to import inventory, especially around Record Store Day.

RSD DROP DATES will allow inventory upload at 1PM the on the day

Please don't alter inventory until then, many at a time will be blocked.

There are two main methods you can use, one is to manually enter stock for

each individual item, and two is to batch import stock from a .csv file. 

In all cases, the server cache will take up to an hour to display your changes if the page has been viewed recently.

In order to see your changes immediately, we have provided a method of clearing the server cache for individual pages

via a special bookmark button. Instructions for that can be found here:

Clear Cache Button

Method 1 (one at a time):

If you only need to edit a couple of titles, this is the method for you. Go to the first item page 

and scroll until you see "Pricing and Inventory," and click to expand the drop down. 

You can manually input how many items you have in stock at your store under

the "Quantity" column, then click submit.

Rinse and repeat for each item you want to update.

Method 2 (many at a time):

You can go to the Import Inventory section in Tuneportals to begin.

You need a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file with each column containing

upc, count (how many you have in stock), price, and condition ID

(either 1 for new or 2 for used).

Here's an example of what  CSV file looks like in plain text. 

.CSV files can be created in any spreadsheet program, and should be structured like below.

Once you upload the .csv file in Import Inventory, you can check if it was sucessful

by searching for the UPC of one of the items you uploaded. If you were,

you should see something like below!

TIP: to preserve the UPC's 12 digit formatting, you can either convert the cells to text (below)

or you can edit the digits under "custom" and input a 0 followed by 11 pound signs

ie "0###########".

Still have questions? 

Reach out to us at