Hi everyone,

We have a longer newsletter getting prepped to discuss RSD Drops, new features and other things. But today I just need to reach out to you for those folks that have Mr. Bungles preorders for UPC 689230022688 .

If that doesn't apply to you or your store please ignore this email.

If you are unsure or want to check, search that UPC in your Admin and then go down to ORDER HISTORY at the bottom to see them all in one place...or


My message is simple. If you want the best chance of these orders getting filled by AEC that must be submitted today. Please do so ASAP. If you wish to fill them yourselves of course that's fine, too. Just know that it's super limited.

The label setup this preorder for the Indies and fans responded. The label asked us to cap it and we hit our cap on Friday. It was slow to make it into the ordering system with the label and AEC but it's there now and orders are going to get filled in the order they are received.

The title is limited to 1950 copies for all physical retail.

There are still more of the other color vinyl and exclusive CD bundle available 

Look for a longer newsletter this week from us.


Jon, Chris & Broadtime Team.