Fat Possum - AEC Sale - PROPOSAL - (RSS) - 06/01 - SALE

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Broadtime proposes to promote/syndicate default delivery of the Fat Possum Records AEC Deals Sale throughout our Independent Music Retail store customers with our Broadtime "Promotional Sale" campaign.

Broadtime operates ~125 websites, ~70 Listening Stations and ~25 Record Store Apps
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Asset Spec Sheet


We propose and will provide the following:

1. Broadtime will provide and create banner and badge ads for circulation throughout the stations and websites
2. Broadtime will create a Custom URL for all sites which will be included in the site map and indexed by Google. e.g. plan9music.com/alligator  
3. Promoting a VIDEO on the SALE page, accessed via Scan, Search or Browse (e.g. plan9music.com/sales)
4. Broadtime will place the SALE in the SALE Section for each of our sites
There will be RED TAG callouts of the selling tools (similar to a sticker on a package)
6. This will all be available for inclusion in customer EMAIL.


Tear Sheets provide screen shots and links to the assets in place with indie retailers:

Broadtime Campaign Assets Examples

Campaign runs for Sale window.

Cost: $500

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Fat Possum Records - AEC Sale
Label: Fat Possum Records
Distributor: AMPED
Sale Start: 06/01/2021

Run Dates 06/01/2021 - 06/30/2021

468 x 60 Banner

234 x 60 Badge

SALE Featured on All Sites

Sales Callout - Home Page
Sales Page

Example SALE Page Featured on All Sites

Sales Example Page

The Sale, Ad Banners, Screensavers and VIDEO will be up on the following sites, kiosks and apps:




Amoeba Kiosk Kiosk - In-Store


Wilco - APP Home Screen Wilco - APP Home Screen - Full Ad


(links not for public consumption)

Cactus Music, TX
Central Square Records, FL
Darkside Records, NY
Dearborn Music, MI
Down In The Valley, MN
Easy Street Records, WA
Electric Fetus, MN
Homer's Music, NE
The Long Ear, ID
Looney Tunes, NY
Magnolia Thunderpussy, OH
Music Millennium, OR
Omega Music, OH
OZ Music, AL
Park Ave CDs, FL
Plan 9 Records, VA
Pure Pop, VT
Record Archive, NY
The Record Exchange, ID
Rockin' Rudy's, MT
Salzer's Records, CA
Schoolkids Records, NC
Strictly Discs, WI
T-Bones Records & Cafe, MS
Tunes Hoboken, NJ
Waterloo Records, TX
Wooden Nickel Records, IN

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