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Broadtime is requesting to promote/syndicate the Mutually Detrimental release of 

Tennis - Pollen 

to over 110+ Independent Music Store websites, plus listening stations & apps in 46 
states with our

Broadtime Boost Marketing Campaign.
Tennis - Pollen
Label: Mutually Detrimental
Distributor: The Orchard 
Release Date: 02/10/2023
UPC: 793888105973
Run Dates TBD

Broadtime Boost, digital signage, video, song samples, PlayARt and more

Additional Options/Variations include:

    • Broadtime Boost+ Either dedicated social media post or Splash Page
    • Broadtime Boost – Both a dedicated social Past AND Splash Page
    • Broadtime Boost   -  Preorder window only campaign

More detailed info Here:

Broaditme PlayARt
PlayARt PlayARt

Tear Sheets provide screenshots and links to the assets in place with indie retailers:

If you would like to book a Broadtime RSS Program,
you may hit reply to this email with - "YES."

Note: Please supply one-sheet assets plus music, and reach out if you are interested in Preorder only and Advanced PlayARt Animated Covers and Experiences
By booking a campaign you are agreeing to Broadtime's Terms of Service

Want to book a Broadtime campaign AND get buy-in from more stores? 
Consider booking Coalition Campaigns and we will enhance the promotion

Many of the record stores we work with are in one of three Indie Coalitions - CIMS, AIMS, DORS.
Coalitions operate their own marketing campaigns that often include buy-in from each member store. Broadtime has collaborated with the Indie Coalitions for many years and encourage you to consider running Coalition Campaigns in addition to Broadtime campaigns

Broadtime covers over 100+ Indie Record Stores, We also run 28 CIMS Stores, 8 AIMS Stores & 5 DORS stores which are NOT covered.

To include Broadtime campaigns on our specific Coalition sites, programs should also be booked with the respective Coalition.

Booking a Coalition campaign is a great way to maximize the marketing power of your upcoming release with indie stores.
Our list of non-coalition stores is included below. You may see what stores are in Coalitions on their respective sites.

If you’re interested in booking a Coalition campaign, reach out to the following:
 CIMS  -  Liz Boger  liz@cimsmusic.com 
 AIMS -  Luann Myers  lumyers@comcast.net 
 DORS  - Carrie Colliton  carrie@recordstoreday.com 

Want your preorder featured on recordstoreday.com for all pledged stores?
Consider the value of the Record Store Day Indie Option for your storefinders and socials. (learn more)Indie Option
The Indie Option allows communication with fans who want their choices to support local businesses.
The Indie Option importantly empowers those record stores to be champions of your release. 

Broadtime will additionally include Preorders that are using the Indie Option on Broadtime sites.

Tear Sheets provide screenshots and links to the assets in place with indie retailers:
The Ad Banners, Screensavers, Full Length Kiosk Preview and VIDEO will be up on the following sites, plus on kiosks and apps:

[102 Stores]

30 Recs
Angelo's Cds & More
Antones Record Shop
Armadillo Music
Black Wax Café
Cactus Music (MT)
CheapThrills Records
Clock Tower Records
Craft & Vinyl
Culture Shock
Curious Collections
Shop Darkest Hour
Dig City Records (Brittany's)
Dig It Record Barn
Dr Music
Earwax Records
Electric Head Records
Electric Underground
Everybody's Records
Exiled Records
Factory Records
Finders Records
Fly Vintage & Vinyl
Gimme Gimme Records
Grandpas Records
The Great Escape

Green Light Music
The Groove Nashville
Hard Copies - BG
Hey Suburbia Records
Hollow Bone
Horizon Records
In Your Ear Music Emporium
In Your Ear
Jammin Nuggets Music
JB's Record Lounge
Lavender Vinyl
Leechpit Records
Lost Padre Records
Low Key Vinyl
Main Street Jukebox
Main Street Music
Main Street Vinyl
Mills Record Company
Music Connection
Noble Records
North Texas Vinyl
Obsession Records
OZ Music
Phono Select*
Piranha Records

Rainbow Records
Randy's Records
Rattleback Records
Record Exchange Silver Spring
Record Krate
Record Wonderland*
Records With Merritt
Remix Record Shop
Retro Rose Records
Retrofit Records
Revolution Music Company
Rock Cellar
River City Records
Riverbend Records
Rock Fantasy
Serious Sounds
Siren Records
Siren Records McHenry
Siren Records Monterey
Slick Disc Music
Sound & Vision Records
Sound Revolution
South Town Vinyl
Space City Audio
Spin Me Round
Stash Records

Technique Records
Trax on Wax
The Head Vinyl Record
The Record Room
Underground Sounds
Urban Lights
Used Kids Records
The Vinyl Groove Records
Vinyl Index
Vinyl Junkies Record Shack
Volume Music
Warbonnet Records
Wonderland Records
School Kids Records Wilmington
Downtown Disc
We Buy Records
Hear We Are
All Music Styles

When also booking Coalition titles equivalent Broadtime programs will also be present on that coalition. i.e CIMS (28 stores), AIMS (8 stores) etc.

XXX - Pollen 

to over 150+ Independent Music Store websites, plus listening stations & apps in 46 
states with our

Broadtime RSS Marketing Campaign.

BROADTIME RSS + PlayARt - Standard Campaign 

Cost: $975

We propose and will provide the following:

1. DIGITAL SIGNAGE provide an animated Kiosk screen saver Ad. These will rotate when station is idle.
2. BANNER AND BADGE ADS provide and created for circulation throughout the stations and websites
3. VIDEO promotion on the ITEM PREVIEW page, accessed via Scan, Search or Browse (e.g. https://millsrecordcompany.com/UPC/793888105973)
4. FULL LENGTH Song samples on the listening station with Full Listen tags, and 30 sec on the web and apps (where provided & desired)
5. *NEW SOCIAL MEDIA ASSETS delivery to stores (Examples: https://millsrecordcompany.com/SocialFeatures*NEW 
6. DEDICATED HOME PAGE NEWS call outs with VIDEO via our weekly new release column.
7. FEATURED PRE-ORDER GENRE PLACEMENT for each of our sites (e.g. https://millsrecordcompany.com/Preorder)
8. TOP 15 PLACEMENT in the NEW RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENTS - https://millsrecordcompany.com/NewReleases
9. GREEN TAG callouts of the selling tools (similar to a sticker on a package)
10.EMAIL CONTENT will all be available for inclusion in customer EMAIL Newsletters.

PlayARt Level 1
PLAYART STANDARD VISUALIZERS/VIDEO. Broadtime will deliver an interactive augmented reality PREVIEW experience with our standard Augmented Reality Visualizers (Equalizer Cubes and In-Room Spheres + lock provided video content to the release. The tile will be featured in EXPLORE and promoted throughout our Record Store Platform using a PlayARt icon tag + description.

See Examples Callouts Here.

Note: For a full-length preview on listening stations and 30 sec preview on PlayARt, the songs must be provided with the regular one-sheet assets. If you wish to NOT be included in PlayARt then please advise for opt-out.

For more information about PlayARt, and other advanced possibilities with the platform please contact us.
Consumer Website for PlayARt is PlayARt.ai. Industry Demo AR Examples of PlayARt Augmented Reality
PlayARt Levels also available
Level 2 Animation/Experience Card
Level 3 Custom Experiences

PlayART Home Screen PlayART Explore Screen PlayART Artwork Screen PlayART Video Screen

PlayARt +
NEW *  Broadtime Splash Page - Enhanced Campaign
Splash Page runs Fri-Sun Week of release or Tues-Thurs Week of announce

Cost: $900
- Add on to Standard Campaign 
- Includes animation or video clip and custom setup for Splash

NEW*  Broadtime AE Deals - Sale Campaign
Campaign runs for Duration of Sale

Cost: $500 
- includes top bar navigation of sales 
- Links to a provided Genre of on sale featured titles (usu. catalog + new album)
- includes animated banners linked to titles
468 x 60 Banner

234 x 60 Badge


APP Home Screen Badge APP Home Screen - Full Ad APP Item Page VideoPlayARt Explore

468 x 60 Banner

234 x 60 Badge



Pre-Order Genre Page




Amoeba Kiosk Kiosk - In-Store


Wilco - APP Home Screen Wilco - APP Home Screen - Full Ad

Please download the app and check it out at https://playart.ai
PlayART iOS App Download