[BROADTIME STORE NEWSLETTER] Website Redesign - May 25, 2023

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Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing well.
Slight Website Redesign 🚧

We've been hard at work over the past few months on multiple updates and improvements to your websites, one of which is a slight redesign of all Broadtime-powered store websites.

Please note: We have NOT rolled these changes out publicly, but we wanted to share our progress with you and begin gathering feedback before we implement these changes to your public-facing website. 

We are hoping to implement these changes publically over the 2nd Week of June. 

There are a few primary changes, which we think we major improvements from a user experience. 

First, our header is much more user-friendly and easier to read, thus easier to navigate. The biggest change is on the "Shop Store" dropdown option on each of your sites. Currently, when a customer clicks that, one singular long list of genres is displayed. With our forthcoming update, the genres will be listed in columns, which means users can see all genres without having to scroll. Featured genres are often things that stores need to occasionally edit and keep up to date so now may be a good time to review your featured categories (genres).


Second, we've made a substantial change to the design of your shopping carts. Currently, when the shopping cart icon is clicked, a small bubble appears showing the contents. Moving forward, the card will appear as a larger sidebar that encompasses a larger portion of the screen so that customers can more easily see the contents of their carts. This is extra useful on mobile.
example 2
Finally, in keeping with the drawer theme, we have a "Menu" on the top left and we are removing the sidebar from the active view and moving it's content to a top left "Menu". This makes for a more organized view of additional content and mobile viewing. Similarly, we have moved Events to the main page off of the sidebar and redesigned them and rolled that out today.

Perhaps the biggest piece of this redesign is that your websites will be even more responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices, where we continue to see an uptick in users visiting and shopping. 

You may preview these changes by going to [yourdomain].rsindie.com (for instance, plan9music.rsindie.com). 

Please Note: You may receive a warning that says "Your connection is not private." If you encounter this screen, simply click "Advanced" and then "Proceed to" in the bottom left corner to access your dev site. There is no danger in going to this site. 

We're hoping to publicly implement these changes in the next few weeks, but we'd love to hear your feedback before doing so. Shoot us a note - support@broadtime.com - with your thoughts. 

This Week's Social Media Content 📱

Broadtime Boost Featured Preorder Social Media Post Social Preorder Post


Broadtime Featured Preorder Post
Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Broadtime Boost Featured Out Now Social Media Post Social Pre


Broadtime Out Now Post
Friday, May 26, 2023


Have You Connected to Vista Social?🔗 (now linked in your Admin beside Store Manual)

Vista Social is the new social media management platform that Broadtime has invested in to help each of you better manage your social media channels. By now, each of you should have received an invitation to connect your store's social media channels to the Broadtime account. If you have not received an invitation to connect, please let us know - support@broadtime.com

Each Tuesday and Friday, Broadtime delivers optional posts promoting preorders currently available on your site as well as big titles streeting that week. The posts feature deep links directly to your website and/or calls to action for your followers to purchase these albums directly from your site. You have the ability to approve or edit any post before it goes live. 

Rest assured that Broadtime will not have access to your private messages or passwords, and you will retain full control over the content you post.

Once you have your email invitation, here's a handy step-by-step guide on the initial setup for Vista.


Two Minute Clinic: Importing Local Store Inventory 🙋‍♂️🍎

Bringing you some bite-sized training morsels for your busy life...

Two Minute Clinic: Cancelation Procedure & Refunds



Featured Preorders + Selling Tools

We're mixing things up a bit on our preorder listings thanks to some valuable feedback. In addition to listing Newly Announced Featured Preorders, we're going to begin listing Featured Preorders Streeting both tomorrow AND next Friday each week.

Each title listed below are releases that have selling tools and assets available to drive sales from your store websites, whether it be via banners and news items on your site itself or the content we're delivering to you each week via Vista Social.

Many of these titles are featured because they are helping to support indie retailers like yourself, whether via producing indie exclusive variants available only at independent retail and/or by providing selling tools and assets to equip indie retailers.  

This information, along with items like our top sellers chart, is intended to empower you with valuable information about what titles are selling fast and which ones are specifically helping indie retail, all of which hopefully leads to more sales for you. 

If you have any questions, please shoot me a note - jon@broadtime.com - or reach out to our entire team at support@broadtime.com

Featured Preorders Streeting Tomorrow + Next Friday

May 26, 2023 Featured Releases
Artist Title
Arlo Parks My Soft Machine
AJJ Disposable Everything
Kings Never Die All The Rats
The Exploding Hearts Guitar Romantic: Expanded & Remastered
Bayonne Temporary Time
Steely Dan Countdown To Ecstasy
Big Star #1 Record
Matchbox Twenty Where The Light Goes

June 2, 2023 Featured Releases
Artist Title
Tom Waits Closing Time: 50th Anniversary
Avenged Sevenfold Life Is But A Dream
Rancid Tomorrow Never Comes
Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts: Reissue
Neil Frances There Is No Neil Frances
Purr Who Is Afraid Of Blue?
Kenny Rogers Life Is Like A Song
Jack Johnson In Between Dub
Foo Fighters But Here We Are
Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom
Bully Lucky For You
Beach Fossils Bunny
Vulture Feather Liminal Fields
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Council Skies
Jake Shears Last Man Dancing
Ben Folds What Matters Most
Protomartyr Formal Growth In The Desert

Newly Announced Featured Preorders

Artist Title Street Date
Blur The Ballad of Darren 07/21/2023
Post Malone Austin 07/28/2023
Teenage Wrist Still Love 08/04/2023
Hozier Unreal Unearth 08/18/2023
Logan Ledger Golden State 09/08/2023
Kylie Minogue Tension 09/22/2023



Broadtime Top Sellers Chart  📈

Here are the current 25 best-selling titles across all Broadtime sites for the past seven days (May 1-7). Please note - this chart does not include Record Store Day 2023 releases. 

Items that have an asterisk (*) are all preorders. 

Broadtime Top 25 Best Sellers


Preorders Currently Blocked 🚫

UPC Artist Title Street Date Block Began 
634457137356 FUCKED UP COPS (IEX CLEA VINYL) 05/26/2023 05/09/2023
4062548060386 MARTA WHEN IT'S GOING WRONG 05/26/2023 05/09/2023
810017649198 RUBBER BAND GUN CASHES OUT 05/26/2023 05/09/2023
5060853702846 ARBORIST AN ENDLESS SEQUENCE OF DEAD ZEROS 06/02/2023 05/16/2023
607396654529 FOLDS, BEN WHAT MATTERS MOST 06/02/2023 05/16/2023
607396568611 FOLDS, BEN WHAT MATTERS MOST 06/02/2023 05/16/2023
634457131781 PARANNOUL AFTER THE MAGIC 06/02/2023 05/16/2023
5055869549011 THEY WATCH US FROM THE MOON CHRONICLE: ACT 1, THE ASCENSION 06/02/2023 05/16/2023
860009592940 GINGER ROOT CITY SLICKER 06/02/2023 05/24/2023
860009592957 GINGER ROOT NISEMONO - ORANGE 06/02/2023 05/24/2023
196925742481 PASSION PIT GOSSAMER 06/02/2023 05/24/2023
648401036541 FEEBLE LITTLE HORSE GIRL WITH FISH 06/09/2023 05/22/2023
5054429170054 JAYDA G GUY 06/09/2023 05/22/2023
5054429173949 JAYDA G GUY (SIGNED, ECO MIX COLOR VINYL) 06/09/2023 05/22/2023
607618225827 LOVE AND ROCKETS MY DARK TWIN 06/09/2023 05/22/2023
5056321672261 SHITS, THE YOU'RE A MESS 06/09/2023 05/22/2023
634457138001 WOBBLY ADDITIONAL KIDS 06/09/2023 05/22/2023


Broadtime Manual + New Features

You may explore solutions at your convenience using the manual. Remember we are here for you for support at any time!


Please email any suggestions you have to continue to improve the Manual.

Thanks for reading. 

Jon, Chris, Sammy and the Broadtime team