[TARGETED BROADTIME STORE NOTE] Request to Register for RSD MRKT- September 20, 2023

Read in Browser† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †September 20, 2023

Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing well. A quick off cycle note before our regular email tomorrow to ask everyone to please take a moment and register for RSD MRKT.
If you are receiving this then you still haven't registered. - Thanks, Jon

Register Your Store at†RSD MRKT†🆕

As a Broadtime customer and a Record Store Day pledge signed store, we are requesting that you register for RSD MRKT at https://rsdmrkt.com.

Don't forget to also register your payment dashboard details.

We are doing a lot of work to sync inventory on Tuneportals the RSD MRKT, plus we need you onboard and†registered in order to make the platform successful. Registering on the site doesnt cost anything or require you to participate, it just means you are ready when you decide to list.

Registration for RSD MRKT is now open. RSD MRKT is the new one-stop online marketplace for customers to shop RSD pledge-signed indie sores in a single place.†

You can find full details here, but signing up for RSD MRKT is simple. Please follow this link to register your store.†

Once you're on the site, pick your RSD-listed store and be sure to use the same email your store is listed with at Record Store Day.†

We are really excited about RSD MRKT and think it can be a great place for your store to reach new customers.†
For Broadtime customers who would like to beta test some of the features of RSD MRKT, you may also choose to signup for the demo site at: demo.rsdmrkt.com where you may test listing and purchasing with fake funds.
Participation in RSD MRKT is 100% optional, but we believe it can bring numerous benefits to you and your stores. Additionally, it creates a new potential revenue stream with additional selling opportunities for your store, AND it allows Record Store Day to promote online sales in a way that hasnít been possible, directing fans to a specific destination to purchase albums online.


If you have any questions or issues registering your store for RSD MRKT, let us know - support@broadtime.com.††

WE NEED BETA TEST VOLUNTEERS...please reach out. jon@broadtime.com