Denitia - Sunset Drive - PROPOSAL - Vydia - CUSTOM BOOST - 09/06

Broadtime proposes to promote/syndicate the Vydia release of Denitia - Sunset Drive to a powerful network of music fans via our Broadtime Boost Marketing Campaign

Denitia Denitia - Sunset Drive
Label: Vydia
Release Date: 09/06/2024
UPC:  797885145864
Run Dates TBD

Broadtime Boost campaigns reach 110+ indie record store websites totalling a potential audience of 9 million music fans annually (750k/month) plus listening stations and apps nationwide. 

Broadtime proposes a custom campaign based upon our Broadtime LITE preorder campaign but with the inclusion of Social Sharing posts to our stores during the preorder campaign. Broadtime would create the assets similar to what is found on our link at

We would agree to a discouted rate for the campaign of $500.00 and a bonus of social inclusion.

Click to:
Broadtime Boost
Brand New Program Features:
 Now including a dedicated social post with deep link +
Preorder and New Release Social Posts

We offer four campaigns with various options to promote

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Want to book a Broadtime campaign AND get buy-in from more stores? 
Consider booking Coalition Campaigns and we will enhance the promotion

Many of the record stores we work with are in one of three Indie Coalitions - CIMS, AIMS, DORS.

Coalitions operate their own marketing campaigns that often include buy-in from each member store. Broadtime has collaborated with the Indie Coalitions for many years and encourages you to consider running Coalition Campaigns in addition to Broadtime campaigns. 

Broadtime Boost campaigns include 110+ Indie Record Stores. While we also host websites for 28 CIMS Stores, 8 AIMS Stores & 5 DORS stores, their websites are NOT included in Boost campaigns.

To include Broadtime campaigns on our specific Coalition sites, programs should also be booked with the respective Coalition.

Booking a Coalition campaign is a great way to maximize the marketing power of your upcoming release with indie stores.
Our list of non-coalition stores is included below. You may see what stores are in Coalitions on their respective sites.

If you’re interested in booking a Coalition campaign, reach out to the following:

• CIMS  -  Liz Boger 
• AIMS -  Luann Myers 
• DORS  - Carrie Colliton 

Want your album to be a featured preorder on for their stores?
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The Indie Option allows communication with fans who want their choices to support local businesses.
The Indie Option importantly empowers those record stores to be champions of your release. 
Broadtime will additionally include Preorders that are using the Indie Option on Broadtime sites.

Thanks for considering Broadtime to meet your marketing needs 

Jon, Mariela, Sammy and the Broadtime team

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