Broadtime provides solutions for retailers to utilize technology to better market and sell media both in their store and on the internet. Our leading content management platform for managing and marketing media is called Tuneportals. Broadtime enables stores to maximize their potential with e-commerce websites and with our targeted storewide marketing and listening stations.

Broadtime is proud to work with independent record stores around the country and International Record Store Day. We design our products from the ground up to let the stores marketing efforts and personality shine through. We use a modular approach to in-store and on line retailing to constantly add on new features and new technology, easily allowing stores to build on their technology investment. Stores leverage our platform and weekly production to manage their marketing efforts while reducing the labor required which ultimately results in increased sales.

After listening to our customers feedback, we have gone through several generations of design to perfect our Broadtime Preview Machine. Through every design stage we have remained focused on improving the user experience and finding new ways to expand the impact of marketing promotions and product discovery.

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