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Our extremely affordable and powerful BPM systems include a database of over 20 Million products at your customer’s finger tips.   The BPM [TE] is the simplest way to access more information, preview and sample each item you have in the store and beyond.

With the built in camera barcode scanner you can grab a CD or Vinyl record and within seconds be previewing the tracks, watching videos or discovering special offers, all of which leads to proven increased sales for your store. With wireless internet access, you can flexibly place it anywhere in the store where there is power.

More than a just a preview station, the BPM [TE] offers Digital Signage, News Items, Contests, Instore Calendar, Charts and much more. 

BPMs are most effective when integrated with our Tuneportals e-commerce websites offering you a cost effective solution to gain full interaction between your store and your customers.  Our listening solution is flexible for many mounting options and store placement. It is also available in a 17” version.

• Affordable & Compact
• 9.7 inch display
• Camera barcode scanner/product lookup
• Secured Cabling & Mounting base (optional stand)
• Flexible placement using wireless internet
• High Speed Graphics
• Remote Monitoring

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Sub Pop SeaTacSub Pop is a record label founded in 1986 by Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman in Seattle, Washington.
Sub Pop achieved fame in the late 1980s for first signing Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and many other bands from the Seattle music scene. They are often credited with taking the first steps toward popularizing grunge music, and have continued to achieve critical and commercial success in the new millennium, with bands such as Fleet Foxes, Foals, Beach House, The Postal Service, Flight of the Conchords, No Age, Wolf Parade and The Shins on their roster. 

Sub Pop launches new retail concept store in Seattle Tacoma Airport (story here)

Sub Pop’s long-standing motto, “Spanning the Globe for Profit”, became more true than ever before this May as they opened the doors to a first-of-its-kind retail space in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The Sub Pop Airport Store (working-title-turned-seemingly-actual-title) is a mix of the classic Sub Pop Mega Mart and a Pacific Northwest-centric gift shop. Sub Pop collaborated with designers, artists, and companies who also call the Pacific Northwest home and created a vast array of brand new Sub Pop and PNW-related wares currently available exclusively (for now) at the Sub Pop Airport Store.

Broadtime was honored when approached by Sub Pop to create an instore listening experience to match the whole ethos of their iconic brand and store.  We knew that Sub Pop's customers would be looking for an exciting, fun way to discover and further explore the fantastic selection of media at the store. Broadtime BPM stations provide the perfect platform to deliver that experience along with Sub Pop's marketing message. It has been an incredible opportunity to be part of this thrilling venture and we are proud that our BPM stations are now part of a new Seattle Landmark.

2013 Fourth Avenue, Third Floor, Seattle, WA 98121


Sub Pop uses Broadtime's BPM Stations for their in-store preview and marketing

Listening Enjoyment at Sub PopListening Enjoyment at Sub Pop Table
Sub Pop SeaTac

Broadtime is committed to providing innovative powerful digital marketing solutions to retail stores. Our products include our market leading Tuneportals webstore and our in-store signage and preview stations. Our mission is to enhance the interaction between customers and their retailer, thus increasing loyalty and sales.


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