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Your website is a huge reflection of your store itself, research has shown that the customer’s first point of contact with a retail store will often come through their website.  Therefore it is key that the website reflects the vibe of the store and immediately shows the customer the full scope of what their local store can offer them.

Broadtime has used our numerous years of experience in the retail software industry to provide one of the best website programs there is for independent stores.  The market leading Tuneportals is your gateway to a fast content driven Ecommerce website which is capable of providing the customer with an enjoyable webstore experience. Our sites match the essence of your retail environment and are highly competitive.

Broadtime enables you to compete in a physical and digital world.

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BPM - Tablet Edition

BPM Listening Stations let you listen to nearly everything in your store with bar code scanning, including vinyl. Our BPM stations also function as digital signage lightboxes and feature your marketing information.

Broadtime Products

Broadtime is committed to providing innovative powerful digital marketing solutions to retail stores. Our products include our market leading Tuneportals webstore and our in-store signage and preview stations. Our mission is to enhance the interaction between customers and their retailer, thus increasing loyalty and sales.

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