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I am scheduling Broadtime meetings in NYC for the week of 11-4 for the 6th-8th (Wed, Thurs, Friday). Please let me know if you available for a demo or discussion during this week and the best times.

It's Black Friday List Announce week!

Please direct us to add the appropriate people for this distribution list. 
We are starting out with our friends and aquaintances including input from all of our NARM (er The Music Business Association)  experiences through the years. 

Thank you. - Jon Berger,


Broadtime RSS provides syndicated delivery of digital marketing materials to independent US record stores enabling your title to feature sales tools, where it will achieve the most impact and consumer interaction both online via websites and in the store via foot traffic.

Broadtime currently provides e-commerce websites, email marketing and listening station kiosks to Independent Retailers throughout the country. We license digital distribution through Medianet and integrate distributors for physical content for full product line offerings of digital, CD, & Vinyl. 


Unique Asset Includes Description
VIDEO  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) a hosted Video/EPK
MP3  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) Promotional, Free MP3 file
LIGHTBOX + FULL LENGTH  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) Kiosk Screensaver + Full Length Previews -Preorders
NEWS  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) dedicated NEWS / BLOG Posting

Broadtime programs distribute and place the following assets on our customers websites and kiosks. Pricing for each of our categories is $600.00

Multiple categories would be an additional $100.00

All categories include:

 • TOP 20 new release chart inclusion with green tag callout of sales tools (example:
• Green tag callout on the /Home page and Featured Item pages, and email blast
• Coverage in our weekly New Release News column about the week's releases
• Inclusion of sales assets for email availability

All programs are for 3 weeks. Typically, week prior to release through the week following.

Follow up:
Screenshots of assets running on websites and kiosks will be included. 
Additionally, hyperlinks to relevent pages
on the running sites will be shared.


Tuesday Monday week before Friday 10 days before street
Street Date Campaign Start Date Asset Delivery Deadline
10/22/13 10/14/13 10/11/13
10/29/13 10/21/13 10/18/13
11/5/13 10/28/13 10/25/13
11/12/13 11/4/13 11/1/13
11/19/13 11/11/13 11/8/13

PDF of ASSET Requirements

LIST of Current Store Customers

Broadtime Record Store customers are some of the most successful and influential record stores in the country. Our website, email, and kiosk store customers are spread throughout the US. 


Young Ones Records (Kutztown)


Young Ones Records is an independently owned and run record store in Kutztown, PA.  They have been in business for 24 years and on Ocober 4th relocated to a new larger location. Owners Chris and Caecilia Holt and employees celebrated the move and welcomed customers, friends, family and the community to the new store now located at 26 S. Whiteoak St. in Kutztown.

The store aims to offer everything that’s music related. They like to cater to everybody so it’s not just one type of music, it’s not one type of taste. Young Ones stocks classical to heavy metal and everything in between. They buy, sell and trade CDs, DVDs, Cassette Tapes, Video Games & Video Game Systems, VHS Tapes and Vinyl Records.  They also carry t-shirts, jewelry, postcards, stickers, posters, books and other music related goodies.

They have over 20,000 titles of every genre, thousands of movies and can special order anything in print at no extra cost. “Not only do we like to have every type of music, new, modern, etc., we try to have other products. We just brought in a line of guitars and accessories. We feature video games and videos as well, so it’s entertainment multi-media.” - Caecilia Holt

26 S. Whiteoak St, Kutztown, PA 19530 

Young Ones Records uses Broadtime's Tuneportals for their e-commerce websites and in-store BPM Listening Station.

Broadtime Record Store customers are some of the most successful and influential record stores in the country. Our website, email, and kiosk store customers are spread throughout the US. 



Broadtime Products


With his first album of original songs in six years Paul McCartney sounds as fresh as ever as he releases New.  McCartney brought in some help for the album in the form of Marc Ronson, Paul Epworth, Giles Martin and Ethan Johns, who all take on production duties.  Overall the album shows that McCartney's talent is timeless and that even when he pulls in new influences he still manages to provide the classic Macca sound.

The Avett Brothers release their 8th studio effort Magpie And The Dandelion.  Recorded during the same sessions that produced last year's excellent The Carpenter. The songs remain in the same sonic territory and show the brothers' knack for candid song writing and great musicianship. 

Pearl Jam are back with their much-anticipated tenth studio album, Lightning Bolt.  The sound may have matured and some of the tracks may have become softer in the absence of the anger which fueled previous releases, but the big riffs are still there along with the unmistakable sound we have all be waiting to hear more of.    

The Head And The Heart show how much they have matured as a band since their debut was released.  Let's Be Still, their sophomore effort, is a more colorful and eclectic affair.  Taking their signature sound and elevating it to the next level, there is no doubt that this band is here to stay.  Also check out their video for the single Another Story

Plus there are great, new releases from Cults who release Static, the follow-up to their critically adorned 2010 self-titled, debut release. Bloc Party are the latest band to announce the release of a 'Tapes' mix for Berlin-based record label !K7.  To All The Girls... finds Willie Nelson reunited with his two greatest loves: beautiful music and talented women. Uncanney Valley, their first album in over a decade, maintains The Dismemberment Plan's unique sound while simultaneously allowing them to open up and expand on the foundation of their celebrated back catalog. Jerry Garcia offers up Volume Three of his live series which this time takes tracks from the 1974 Northwest Tour. Eric Clapton releases an expanded and remastered version of his classic Unplugged album. Portland, OR-based Alt-Metal band Red Fang release their third studio album Whales & Leeches. And Fall Out Boy release a limited special edition of their album Save Rock N Roll which contains all of the tracks from the original release plus a bonus disc featuring 8 brand new songs produced by Ryan Adams!. 

Plus, MorcheebaPelicanJonathan WilsonWill HogeLuciusFour TetKwesTLCGavin DeGrawScotty McCreeryToad The Wet SprocketMonster MagnetPaul SimonBeats AntiqueLa LuzAnberlinGary NumanLuke Temple and Deep Purple all have new albums today.

For more information on these and other releases out this week, check out our New Releases charts by week section and don't forget that many of these titles are also available on vinyl.

New Releases

is highly committed to providing innovative powerful marketing solutions to within the retail environment.  Through products such as our market leading Tuneportals webstore software and interactive BPM In-Store Kiosks, we are able to enhance the interaction between customers and the retailer, get your marketing message heard and increase sales.

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