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Introducing our Most Powerful, Flexible and Affordable 
Broadtime Preview Machine:

BPM - Tablet Edition

desktop BPM Tablet

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• SCAN VINYL OR CD's to Preview nearly everything in your store
• LIGHTBOX style Digital Screensaver for Promotions
• FEATURE the titles you want, including New Release Chart

Presenting your always on Record Store shopping assistant, our extremely affordable and powerful BPM systems include a database of over 20 Million products at your customer’s finger tips.  The BPM [TE] is the simplest way to access more information, preview and sample each item you have in the store and beyond.

With the built in camera barcode scanner you can grab a CD or Vinyl record and within seconds be previewing the tracks, watching videos or discovering special offers, all of which leads to proven increased sales for your store. With wireless internet access, you can flexibly place it anywhere in the store where there is power.

More than a just a preview station, the BPM [TE] offers Digital Signage, News Items, Contests, Instore Calendar, Charts and much more. 

BPMs are most effective when integrated with our Tuneportals e-commerce websites offering you a cost effective solution to gain full interaction between your store and your customers.  Our listening solution is flexible for many mounting options and store placement. It is also available in a 17” version.

• Affordable & Compact
• 9.7 inch display
• Camera barcode scanner/product lookup
• Secured Cabling & Mounting base (optional stand)
• Flexible placement using wireless internet
• High Speed Graphics
• Remote Monitoring

Broadtime Products

Broadtime is committed to providing innovative powerful digital marketing solutions to retail stores. Our products include our market leading Tuneportals webstore and our in-store signage and preview stations. Our mission is to enhance the interaction between customers and their retailer, thus increasing loyalty and sales.

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