Broadtime Service Updates

Broadtime Service Updates

I hope this email finds you well as we count down the days to this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday Event.  Before it becomes too hectic I just wanted to let you know of some of the preparations we have made to ensure that your websites and kiosks are prepared for the big event.

First, with regard to all the special releases, these have all been uploaded to your product data base and have had the appropriate meta data such as artwork, descriptions and track listings added.  The inventory listings for all titles have been protected so that although the items will be visible to your customers no purchases or pre orders will be possible until the Monday after Black Friday (12/02/2013).  

We have also created some Record Store Day Black Friday EVENT banners which we have placed on your sites as well as a website billboard. Additionally, for our kiosk customers, we have a cool animated light box ad placed, in order to promote the event at your store.  As with any banner ads applied to your site these can always be removed if you wish by using our Tuneportals system and removing the ads from the Advertisements section.  (if you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us).

Black Friday Ads

Aside from the RSD Black Friday preparations you may have also noticed that we have been working hard to enhance the selling tools on your sites and stations. We have worked to obtain and create assets such as the Kiosk Light box signage ads promoting releases in a highly visible manner, as well as the various banners and badges. We are providing our weekly new release roundup articles in which we detail some of the weeks key releases.  We have also obtained EPK videos for key releases such as the recent Beatles albums and we are calling out these sales tools with our green tag system, such as "Free Stuff", "Video", or "Contest" etc. These are helpful sales tools for these releases.

Another recent promotion was the Dave Van Ronk free MP3 promotion where we were able to offer all of your customers a free MP3 download in promotion of his recent box set.  This generated a lot of interest in a release which otherwise may have slipped under the radar. It ties in nicely, with the soundtrack to Inside Lleyn Davis, the Coen Brothers film which is loosley inspired by Ronk.

In the following weeks we are planning to create a Holiday & Box Set guide in which we highlight some of the years best box sets and holiday releases.  This will give your customers an easy way to find some great gift ideas either for Friends and Family or indeed themselves.  As with any of our updates you will easily be able to edit this list to better reflect your store and customers or to simply remove it if you have already created your own list or gift guide.

As many of you may know, we have launched our new Tablet Kiosk listening station that is our most flexible listening station to date.

Table BPM

As always if there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact me.

Have a great Black Friday


Jon Berger