Orient the screen so that the camera in the back is in the top left corner.

NOTE the supplied HOME BUTTON TOOL to access the HOME BUTTON


Item 1

 Wake the BPM unit POWER BUTTON in the back of the screen.  If requested to enter a password this will have been provided to you separately by Broadtime.

Item 2 Swipe Left on the home screen and select the SETTINGS icon.

Item 2 From the settings list on the left of the screen, select Wi-Fi.  

Item 4 A Selection of available connections will be shown,  you should select your own network and enter any passwords such as the WEP key (Note: If you are unsure of the password, it may be written on a sticker attached to your Wi-Fi Router).

Item 5 Once you have your Wi-Fi connection set up you may leave the settings menu by using the Home Button Tool to press the HOME BUTTON (through the pin hole to the right of the screen). Please don't POKE the CAMERA. Click HOME which is the smaller pinhole on the right. 

(NOTE: Alternatively, you can use the five finger swipe method of exiting applications to get to the home screen. Put all five fingers on the screen and swipe towards the middle to collapse to home)

Item 6 To access the BPM Kiosk APP, swipe right on the home screen and select the Broadtime Kiosk APP Logo at the bottom of the screen. Use the HOME BUTTON ACCESS TOOL to tap the HOME BUTTON 3 times. This will activate GUIDED ACCESS, click START.

Item 7 Your BPM is now running and ready for use.