While in the APP you can access further features by holding two fingers in the lower left corner of the screen. This will open a dialog box where you will need to enter a PIN Number to gain access (This PIN Number will have been supplied to you separately by Broadtime).


Once the APP Settings Dialog Box is shown you will see various options which are explained below. You can close the Dialog box by selecting DONE in the top left corner.

Item 1 STORE URL: Shows the unique URL of your BPM unit and where the unit looks for its content.

Item 2 REFRESH WEB APP: Shows the date and time that the unit’s content was last updated. If you have made any changes to the settings you can select the date field and the unit will refresh. (Note that the unit automatically refreshes frequently)

Item 2 SET PASSWORD: Use to reset the PIN Number required to enter settings.

Item 4 CLEAR CACHE: Shows the date and time that the unit’s memory cache was last cleared. If you have made any changes to the settings you can select the date field and the unit will clear the cache. (Note that the unit automatically refreshes every 10 mins)

Item 5 SCAN SOUND EFFECT: Use to select which sound is heard when a successful scan has been made by the barcode scanner.

Item 6 SELECT BARCODE SCAN ZONE: Use to resize the scan area where the camera will look for the Item barcode.

Item 7 STORE LIGHTING CONDITIONS: Use to select the screen brightness it's usually all the way.

Item 8 IDLE TIMER ENABLED: Here you can select if the unit enters sleep mode when idle for a certain amount of time. Note that it is recommended that this is turned off as when Idle the unit will be displaying Screen Saver Ads.

Item 9 PLAYBACK VOLUME: Use to adjust the starting volume of the units headphones.

Item 10 HELP & FAQ: Here you will find further information regarding the BPM and Support contact information.
Item 11 DIAGNOSTICS: This displays device information such as Unit ID numbers and Performance readings.

NOTE: All of these settings can also be accessed through your Tuneportals software.

If at any point you should need to exit the Broadtime Kiosk APP you can do so by selecting the HOME BUTTON located through the pin hole to the right of the screen using the supplied Home Button Access Tool. (Click 3 times in a row to exit GUIDED ACCESS lock that prevents customers from exiting)

Once on the Home Screen you can find the settings icon by swiping left.