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APRIL 15, 2014

Hey folks!

We are thrilled to be in the middle of Record Store Day setup work and getting excited for the big day. In addition to working hard on the main website there is a lot of behind the scenes setup activity for all of our customer websites and listening stations as well. We populate metadata, protect from online sales before the big day, and generally help our customers setup their digital properties. We provide countdown clocks, banners and signage, populated lists, in-store listing support and more. It's a truly incredible day for indie retail!

Looking ahead to May, if we haven't already setup a time to meet in Nashville, please email us to get on the schedule. Both Chris and I will be there and we will have our new stand and some really exciting new features to show off. We would love to meet with you, demo our services and learn more about your upcoming releases and calendar. Reach out here: LET's Meet Up!

Let's Meet


Broadtime is very pleased to have added some exciting new customers lately. Our platform continues to be well received by stores and labelsWe are strategically focused on growing the number of stores that can benefit from our services. By utilizing the Broadtime Platform, we continue to deliver value and marketing impact for record labels. We are grateful for our growth and looking forward to this year.   Customer List

Please let us know what project we can shine a spotlight on for you! We are always happy to prepare an example and show you what is possible on our platform for both websites and Broadtime Preview Machines (BPMs). 

Please look over the various ways we leverage digital assets to promote your album and reach out to us with any questions.


Jon Berger

Chris Jones


PLAN 9 - Richmond, VAListening Enjoyment at Plan 9 TUNES - Hoboken, NJListening Enjoyment at TUNES, Hoboken



Congratulations to our newest customers...

Vinyl RenHarvestWooden Nickel

Silver Platters           Amoeba        Easy




ASSET Categories      
Unique Asset Includes Description Thumbnails  Examples (with Thumbnails)
VIDEO  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) A hosted Video/EPK Examples (click here)      Live Links
MP3  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) Promotional, Free MP3 file Examples (click here)
LIGHTBOX  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) Screensaver + Full Length Previews -Preorders Examples (click here)
NEWS  Ad  (badge, banners, skyscraper) Dedicated NEWS / BLOG Posting Examples (click here)

Broadtime programs distribute and place the following assets on our customer websites and kiosks.

Our campaigns includes all asset categories for one low price.

We can create your LIGHTBOX signage for you and your ad banners if necessary

All categories include:

• TOP 20 new release chart inclusion with green tag callout of sales tools (example:
• Green tag callout on the /Home page and Featured Item pages, and email blast (example: Home Page tags)
• Coverage in our weekly New Release News column about the week's releases (example:
• Inclusion of sales assets for email availability (example: Email Example)

All programs are for 3 weeks. Typically, week prior to release through the week following. Note Stores manage their own campaigns and can feature and unfeature content on their own sites. We ensure syndication delivery and default placement. 

OUR PROGRAM FOLLOW UP - EXAMPLE TEAR SHEETS EMAIL (demonstrates live links to actual running content)
Screenshots of assets running on websites and kiosks will be included. 
Additionally, hyperlinks to relevant pages
on the running sites will be shared.

 ASSET Requirements



Broadtime Record Store customers are some of the most successful and influential record stores in the country. 
Our website, email, and kiosk store customers are spread throughout the US. 

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