November 17, 2015

Happy Black Friday season! It's time to get excited and setup for the holiday shopping season. We are writing to you today to touch base about the Black Friday titles and how we have them setup on your websites and on your listening stations.

We are publishing the following News article to your sites and stations TODAY! (like when you get this email). The article links to a newly setup Black Friday Genre of all the titles and the article links to Record Store Day. The titles are setup in a special protected way so that they cannot be purchased but you get cover art and descriptions of the titles both online and on the stations. We don't have preview samples (unless a digital counterpart - 1 title) because they are exclusive.

The day after Black Friday, if you are a Point of Sale integrated customer, your leftover inventory will automatically populate the site and only titles you have in stock will show up on that genre. If you are not, you may manually manage the inventory availability of those titles.

You may reposition the News item or archive it off if you prefer to not have it on your site. The same is true of the genre, you may disassociate it if you don't wish to have it.

Hopefully, you find this is be a very useful sales tool to increase attention to the day, the titles and most especially your store.


RSD Black Friday 2015 - The Releases

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that also means Black Friday is coming!  So start off your shopping season the right way by hitting your favourite record store and picking out some awesome gifts for your loved ones (and yourself).  As well as the fantastic variety of record store goodies we stock all year round there will of course be some special releases exclusive to record stores streeting that day. You can check out the list of those titles righthere! And you can also head over to recordstoreday.com for more details.

RSD Black Friday 2015 - The Releases

Happy Shopping   


Here is our previous information regarding our new upgrades for the stations:


Coming off of a successful MusicBiz, we demonstrated our new interface that is much more friendly and easier to use. We have spent several months rewriting our software in such a way that we provide these exciting new features.

Some exciting new features include:

• Store branded interface

Super fast native scrolling

Scrollable Artist Discography

Advanced Search

Focus on Coalition titles

Full Length Previews Green Tag

• Front & Center Videos before preview

• Store hours screen dimming / energy saver

Please check out some of the exciting new branded interface elements and new video experience above.

We have started deploying the new interface now as we are able to create the design experience for each brand.

NOTE: If you have the older, larger station, this update cannot be delivered to this platform, we would be happy to discuss upgrade options.

If you have our BPM Tablet Station you will be getting the new version soon if you haven't received it already.




Our progress on getting folks converted to adaptive websites has been slow. It takes a while to coordinate and agree upon the design changes. However, we have made progress with several customers that need the conversion. So far, Plan 9 is live on our newest template and you can check it out here: http://plan9music.com. Our previous adaptive template examples may be seen here:  http://woodennickelmusic.com, http://tunesonline.net, and http://discexhange.com

Broadtime is appreciative to have you as a customer and we will be pleased to work with you and answer any questions you may have.


Jon Berger

Chris Jones

SOME BPM Listening Stations in action.
Please email us some pictures in your store!!!

PLAN 9 - Richmond, VAListening Enjoyment at Plan 9 TUNES - Hoboken, NJListening Enjoyment at TUNES, Hoboken

Down In The Valley - Minnesota

Down In the Valley BPM Listening Station



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