Happy Pre Black Friday and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In a wonderful sense of timing and convenience, we have had our once every three year profile certficate expire on our application. As long as your application is running, it won't be affected and you can deal with it after the holiday.

However, if you aren't running or quit for some reason, you cannot relaunch the app until you download the latest version.

This should only take a couple of minutes per machine.

You may go to app Meraki --> Managed Apps and say update Broadtime BPM2. You may also phone us and we can send a push command. Please give us a ring if you feel unsure or stuck.

I'm sorry for the timing and inconvenience but I wanted you to know what's up in case your app isn't running at the moment.

Best regards,


804 353-0930

804 301-5870 c