Broadtime Web Customers - Explosions in the Sky on Your behalf

Happy New Year everyone!

After receiving a few requests for URL's for Preordering the New Explosions in the Sky release on 4/1, we decided to submit to Temporary Residence for everyone that accepts web preorders.

That's you!

So heads up, if you are receiving this email it's because we submitted you to ADA for preorders with all three correct URL's which will go live on:

Monday at NOON.

Hope it's super helpful to you.



ADA Request Email

Your URL Format is with our new UPC and Descriptive Text URLS for improving Search.
When you are logged in to Admin there is a new Admin Menu on all pages that allows you to quickly edit the page you are on.

i.e. (remember these URLs will work starting Monday)

TRR270cd - Explosions in the Sky 'The Wilderness' CD

TRR270lp - Explosions in the Sky 'The Wilderness (Standard Black Vinyl)' 2xLP

TRR270lp-C4 - Explosions in the Sky 'The Wilderness (Indie Retail Transparent Red and Opaque White Vinyl)’ 2xLP