BPM Tablet Software Setup & Troubleshooting




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Ipad Initial Setup

1. Power on the unit with the power button.


2. Hit the HOME BUTTON twice to open to the default icon screen. Select Settings.


Select the WiFi Setting near the top left of the screen and select the internet Network that will be used by the devices. 

(Optional. You may test the Wifi by launching Safari and going to Google.com) 

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4. Once you are sure that the internet is connected, you may launch the BPM Kiosk App, by clicking on it once.  
This should launch into the interface.


Locking Down the Interface 

(So user cannot break out of the listening exerience)

Your HOME button is exposed so we need to prevent users from exiting the app when pressing it.

5. You may lock the unit down one of two ways. Your choice.

Choice A. Put the app in guided access by pushing the home button 3 times (one - two - three)

You may have to get the timing just right.

You will then be asked to enter a passcode for Guided Access (remember it and share it with us). This can be set in the settings as well.

To get it back out of guided access you  hit the home button three times again and enter the passcode.

Choice B. Put the app in Supervised Mode.  This is done by us, with a setting we enter remotely. It's likely the strongest lockdown.

You may text, email or call us and let us know you are ready, and we can lock them into Supervision. (see below)

This means that you you cannot exit the app no matter what without opening the app settings (see below) and clicking Exit or

you may also call us to disable Supervision (and then the home button will escape the app as normal)

Note: Please exit Supervision before final disconnect from the internet so they may receive the "un" supervise command

Accessing the App Settings 

(To break out of Supervision or to check settings)

Touch Two Fingers to the lower left of the screen and enter the code 1209


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1. The Number 1 issue that customers encounter is a loss of their wifi signal. This results in no network being present. The unit will work for a short while with cached items but eventually it you will find yourself on THE BROADTIME SCREEN which is the loading screen. When it loses it's connection, the unit is stuck on this screen.

(Note. You may test the Wifi by launching Safari and going to Google.com and of course checking the settings, it's possible to be connected to your wifi and your wifi router itself could have lost internet connection) 



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