Down In The Valley - APPTASTIC Proposal


DITV Screen


Broadtime is pleased to provide pricing for our BPM APP to Down In the Valley. Our proposal is to add the BPM Mobile App to the familly of services we currently provide. We would love for DITV to be our second customer and parter with us through feedback on ways to constantly improve.

Our BPM Listening Stations and APP provide digital signage solutions, product lookup 
and share features of event calendars, value adds, and contests entry that will greatly benefit you and your customers.

Broadtime is proposing a competitive pricing structure to support the work we already do together.

We now have the Android version of our app finished so that we may offer your customers essentially two apps, one for iOS and one for Android with the same functionality.

There are several really valuable things that an app can do for your store and your customers.

Let's explore them together:

1. BAR CODE SCANNING. Customers get the experience of scanning any barcode and preview both in your store and where ever they are. This keeps them branded to you for both that record look up and for purchasing.

2. WELCOME TO THE STORE. Customers get a welcome PUSH message when they come into your store where you may offer coupons, or event or general information

3. YOUR STORE MARKETING. Like the listening station, they take the experience of your marketing campaigns, your featured titles, news, value-adds, and new releases all delivered to their phone and branded back to YOUR store for that information. The app will also enable the native watching of VIDEOS.

4. PUSH MESSAGING. You are able to blast out a push message to all users about significant things that are happening at your store such as an IN-STORE or SPECIAL SALE, or even an INDIE EXCLUSIVE. Eventually, we hope to work with you to segment your users, so that you can target specific sets of customers (i.e. Jazz Reissue fans, Artists your customers follow, etc.)

5. MOBILE COMMERCE. It's true that mobile responsive websites are critical and necessary for your customers, though industry research suggest that the most powerful phone commerce is directly from a store app. Our first iteration will have a wishlist function for digital downloads (that they retrieve from your website) and then shortly after that we will add checkout for physical fulfillment, all the way through to AEC just like our sites. M-Commerce is now greater than 30% of e-commerce and growing rapidly.

6. CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Just like an email newsletter, every customer that you convince to download your app, primarily for the bar code lookup function, becomes a new person that you may tastefully reach out to regarding sales, events and store programs. With each download you create a more loyal customer that is much more likely to shop with you.

We are going to work on collateral materials to help you promote the app in your store. This ususally starts with digital tools (signage and banners) and then some physical ones, tent cards, business card bag stuffers and/or posters.


Product Bundle Pricing



Website & Email Hosting

BPM Listening Station


BPM Listening APP

Startup = $850

Monthly = $150 $100 (*DITV discount)