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Broadtime is pleased to provide pricing for our BPM Listening Stations

(Broadtime Preview Machine)  & BPM APP to Graywhale.

Our BPM Listening Stations and APP provide digital signage solutions, product lookup 
and share features of event calendars, value adds, and contests entry that will greatly benefit Graywhale and it's customers. NOTE: Our app comes with a digital download store companion to your website (for wishlist feature)

Broadtime is proposing a competitive pricing structure where we are providing significant discount on our services in return for a 24 month agreement and/or multi product licensing. 

Broadtime will provide an interface customized to your brand for the listening stations and a mobile app. The app will enable us to provide a digital download store companion store for your website.

Some example Kiosk Interfaces (functioning features) as examples are as follows:

Stand-Alone Pricing


BPM PRO Listening Station 

*PRO Startup = $1150 $950
BPM Startup = $850 $750

Monthly = $175 $75/unit (8 units) ($150/location)
BPM Listening APP

Startup =$1000 $400

Monthly = $150
*Multiple stations can be added at a reduced monthly rate 

      *App only sold as a bundleaddat a
reduced monthly rate of -$25 additional unit
(Minimum fee per unit = $75)