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Broadtime is pleased to provide pricing for our Tuneportals Music Website Services, & BPM Listening Stations

(Broadtime Preview Machine). 

Our proposal is to provide web hosting, song samples, e-commerce, and Consumer Direct Fulfillment services. 

This proposal is CONFIDENTIAL and not to be discussed with other stores, CIMS or otherwise. We are taking into account your status as existing customer and CIMS.

Our BPM Listening Stations provide digital signage solutions, product lookup 
and share features of event calendars, value adds, and contests entry that will greatly benefit Strictly Discs and it's customers.

Broadtime is proposing a competitive pricing structure where we are providing significant discount on our services for CIMS and in return for a 12 month agreement and/or multi product licensing. 


KEY Benefits of Broadtime Websites over any other providers:

• Single Admin to manage your App, Website (& email), and Listening Station (many features) (more info)

• Weekly production to include new releases, news, genre features, value ads, and select events

• Consumer Direct Fulfillment for all AEC titles with your brand all stocked titles of AEC [1M+]

• Digital Download store for all licensed major, indie and unsigned bands with your brand [40M songs]

• PREORDER enabled to participate in key titles pre street marketing in partnership with RSD

• INDIE OPTION enabled for directed purchasing from RSD

• Provides automated CIMS campaign setup on the website

• Most importantly, a commerce website with Broadtime ENABLES the feature of your mobile app through CIMS to ALSO have physical product E-commerce on the app


KEY Benefits of Broadtime BPM Listening Station with App & Web:

• Single Admin to manage your App, Website (& email), and Listening Station (many features)

(more BPM info)

• Bluetood Beacons on station can trigger messages to customer upon store entry

• Superior discover experience with in store signage

• Ideal introdcution for non mobile app customers and to promote the app

• Increases sales

We will build your website to be responsive for mobile phones and customized similar to these templates or,

Some example Kiosk Interfaces (functioning features) as examples are as follows:

Stand-Alone Pricing





Website & Email Hosting

Startup = $500 $400

Monthly = $350 $250

BPM Listening Station 

CIMS Price = discount

Startup = $850 $700
Monthly = $350 $100

BPM Listening APP

Monthly =[CIMS] 


*Extra custom design beyond 
our template will increase startup


*Multiple stations can be added at a 
reduced monthly rate 

      *App only sold as a bundlea