BROADTIME NOTE TO CUSTOMERS 3-26-18 RSD Edition, Security certs, apps, Preorders and more


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Monday, March 26, 2018

NOTE: If you are receiving this message and you are unsure if other folks in your organization are getting it, please forward to them and copy me so that I may add them to our current customer list.

Broadtime has been hard at work making improvements to our products and services and helping our stores prepare for Record Store Day.

I'm sure that everyone has downloaded one our apps by now, yes? Please do, and enjoy using the barcode lookup feature with your phone andexplore all the features available toindie retailers.

Check out some of our work below on your behalf...

In the newsletter:

1. https - notice the 's' - New Security Certs
2.Latest Support for Preorders
3.Mobile App Update - Latest Features
4. Kiosk Troubleshooting Tips
5. Record Store Day setup for our customers


1.https - notice the 's' - New Security Certs

Broadtimehas beendeveloping for a while now towards the goal of securing all of our websites with ENCRYPTION on all pages, not just when checking out. i.e. https://plan9music.comvs http

HTTPS Example

This is a goal we achieved last week so that now ALL of our websites are https, that's 100%.

Onereason this is very important is that this is the new standard, and google expects web traffic to be encrypted or they will penalize sites with search results. I have adjusted everyone's analytic accounts accordingly.

Another reason it's important is that modern currently updated browsers now complain loudly to users that they are on an INSECURE site if it's not secured with a certificate. We don't wish to convey that message to end users.

Finally, there is something YOU HAVE TO DO in an ongoing manner when posting to your website. You need to always use the "relative" urls rather than the FULL PATH when uploading images or other content i.e. this "/Photo/418459134596" instead of this "http://[yoursite]/Photo/418459134596"

If you put any links to non-secure content of embedded info or images it will cause your lock icon to be partial and defeats the purpose.

Please reach out to us if you are unsure.


* Technical side note for those that wish to know and may be managing other websites. (read on if this is not you). Historically, the traditional way to have a certificate is very pricey and requires a unique IP address. This is not the most practical and efficient method technically or financially, and it's the reason we check folks out on * as we have a wildcard cert. Using this new system, we use a certificate service that updates the cert every few weeks and can exist on shared IP's for different domains. It's actually called "Let's Encrypt".


2.Preorder Support is Building

Broadtime has been working on ourPreordersetup capabilities for both existing customers and new stores. All of our current physical commerce websites now support preorders.

They can be accessed currently in the genre menu on the following URL http://[sitename].com/preorders


Currently, you can add or remove your own preorder titles to feature, but you cannot remove our featured preorders. We are working on making this possible in the same location and manner as we enable editing for "Store Featured Items" on your home page and /Store page.

Our plan is to bring a section of preorders to your home page soon that will auto transition from preorder to featured and be more editable.

There are many complicated aspects to preorders that are beyond the scope of this update and we can discuss in subsequent emails, discussions and get together. Some of these include how we deal with "indie exclusives, limited allocations, early assets, special bundles and methods for communicating expectations to the customer.


For now, know that if you do physical e-commerce with Broadtime you get preorders for everything, automatically and you are included as a participating preorder store on Record Store Day via the Indie Option that labels use to drive indie traffic.

Preorders Indie Option

Reach out to us with any questions regarding particpation and process.


Pre-Order Genre Page


3.MobileAPPupdate and latest features

We believe very strongly that Mobile Apps represent a new frontier of marketing record stores and connecting our stores to their customer base in exciting new ways. By delivering a listening station to every customer's pocket we can then reach them with friendly messages to increase engagement. Our website customers with mobile apps enjoy mobile e-commerce supported by AEC fulfillment.

So, we have been hard at work making new features or our BPM Mobile Store App and our BPM Stations.

RECENTLY UPDATED. The most recent version of our app includes the ability to send push messages to include images all while still being able to link to specific pages. We added support for custom pages that may be linked by a PUSH Url as well. There were a few modification updates that included support for new OS and phones. We also included furthersupport for ad campaigns.

Some great examples of PUSH messages with graphics below:

Push Example 1
Push Example 2Push Example 3


UPDATE PLANNED FOR EARLY APRIL (pre-RSD).Thenext version of our app that is currently in development for April shipment will add PUSH message support (all three versions, regular message, URL link, Photo inclusion) than be sent to a GEO FENCED Area around your store locations and Bluetooth beacons.

GEOFENCE messages are where you define an area around your store (say 2 miles) that when someone passes through gets a targeted push message from you, like "Come in to our store today with your app and get 10% off used) or "Signing autographs today is ArtistX at 5:00pm"

The new app version will include Spam controls so that messages will be sent according to your schedule (not every time).

BLUETOOTH BEACON messages are triggered by the beacons built into the listening stations (for those customer that have our BPM Stations). With these enabled in the new version, when a customer "sets foot" inside your store you can trigger a welcome message, that will also engage your app for preview and wishlist building.


4.Kiosk Troubleshooting Tips

For existing users of our Listening Stations, there are a couple of common troubleshooting things that you can do to increase your utilization and uptime. We have written a guide to using the stations that we will link to for reference but there are two specific things to cover today. BPM TABLET SETUP & TROUBLESHOOTTING

1. Stuck on a Broadtime Splash screen.
This is most often one of two scenarios: 1. losing the store URL or 2. losing access to the internet. Both of these scenarios will leave you with the unit sitting on the Broadtime splash screen and not doing anything else. The internet troubleshooting should always be done first to be sure it hasn't lost its WIFI connection orthe WIFIhasn't lost internet.

We have been seeing the URL getting lost recently. We are still investigating why that occurs, but it's an easy fix to restore, you just access the app settings, logout and log back in. If you don't know your specific app login and pass, the login will be in the app settings and the login can be found with us.

You can open the settings using the two finger method (mentioned in Tablet setup above) or by going to your Admin - > BPM Settings - > Open Settings (push command)

Once the settings are open, you will needto SCROLL to the bottom where you see your username and "Log Out". Click Log out, then click Log in. Remember your username, your password is usually some variation of your store name and the word "rocks" attached to it, all in lowercase.

This nearly always fixes you right up.

Stuck Splash

B. Losing Power over time while plugged in.
When the unit is losing power altogether while plugged in there are few things that you can try. The number one thing to do when it is up, is to enter the iPad settings and dial down the brightness to 80% or so. Still plenty bright but better designed for always on use.

The second thing you can do is be sure not to use a USB extender but plug directly into a universal extension cord if needed.

Finally, your brick or cord could be bad, we have received some sent back to us in shambles. Let us know and we can get you what you need. Try testing with other available power.

5.Record Store Day Setup for our customers

As we do every year, we go to great lengths to partner with and setup our customers for working with Record Store Day.

We have copied, setup and provided art, description and item creation for ALL of the official RSD titles by UPC and placed a prevention lock on them so that they cannot be purchased/preordered before RSD. After the day, and through the weekend, we will release the dataload protections and stores with dataloads can populate with remaining inventory, and stores who wish can manually put in inventory (after the day).

All of the titles can be found in genre on your adminsites, titled Record Store Day 2018 or https://[sitename]//Genre/694797

Additionally, we have created ad banners and kiosk signage calling out the big day and linking it to the genre with the lists.

All of the setup works on the listening stations, apps as well as the websites.

RSD SetupRSD Banner

Thanks for your time and attention everyone. Reach out to us with questions (and opportunities),




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