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Broadtime NOTE TO CUSTOMERS - Happy Post RSD Weekend 


RECORD STORE DAY 2018 was really incredible according to all that we have seen and heard. We hope it was special, profitable and wonderful for you. It's a great world that celebrates records stores and music on their own special day. It's a ton of work for everyone involved and always so worth it! 

I have a rundown for website customers on how to list remaining inventory on your website in an appropriate manner. A few other product updates below.

Broadtime got a little TV time from a local interviewer on the big day and that was fun. Of course, they cut Chris and I talking about some of the great releases we had purchased but all in all a happy plug for record stores and fun.


1. WEBSITE UPDATE & POST RSD Listing Instructions & Preorders


 UPDATE & POST RSD Listing Instructions & Preorders

For our website customers, you may list inventory on your site either through automated nightly dataloads, listing inventory yourself or specifically for listing remaining RSD inventory.

Remember, it CAN NOT be over 20% above list and should probably be priced the same as it was in your store. You should manage your inventory counts carefully. You can upload a csv file made from a spreadsheet and following the instructions here:



The file must be submitted as a CSV of the following format:

upc , count , price , condition ID

Condition ID is 1 for new, 2 for used. It ignores any UPCs not already in the system.

TIP: When using a spreadsheet program to create the CSV file, it is useful to format the 'upc' column with 12 leading zeros, as that will preserve the full UPC for items with a UPC that starts with a 0.
i.e. format cells number as 0########### zero followed by 11 number signs

Preorder Support 

We know Preorder setup is where the action is currently. All of our sites now support preorders on the following URL  https://[sitename].com/preorder


We have just added a preorder widget to the top of our sites. Front and center.

Preorder Widget

Broadtime will feature titles in the preorder category under special features, you may edit our preorders titles or add your own. We will try to let you know titles we will be featuring and they will include titles where the label drives traffic to stores via the INDIE OPTION at Record Store Day and other titles where we have extra assets, videos etc.


Titles in PREORDERS will AUTO transition to regular feature items on street date.

Not to bombard you with too much information but we have some brand new controls on preorders we have recently constructed for you. These include scheduling for a preorder to stop, limiting a preorder by quantity, and finally adding a custom "note" to the preorder such as "limited, order before X for best delivery opportunity" 

These are super useful when dealing with very "limited quantity" items for preorder.


Pre-Order Campaign Genre


2. BPM Listening Station developments

Our BPM stations will reflect your feature items and coming soon we will show featured preorders. Currently, preorders can also be seen on the Genre for Preorders on the stations.

Particularly of note is that the stations will work on RSD titles where folks may wish to read more about the special releases and what's so special about them. If there is a digital download matchup we will have samples, otherwise just info.


3. App developments

Our Mobile Apps now have a new feature with spam control for casting a net with a geo fence around your store. Make sure you download the latest version of your store in the app stores. If you don't have our mobile app for your store, search for Broadtime and pick one to check them out.

With this latest version, you now have the ability to set an invisible net up around your store to snag customers with a message about your store. This is Geo location or Geo fences that customers will trigger when they enter into the area you define.

You may setup your own Geofences. It’s pretty straightforward and can be found in your admin under “App Geo Location”. 

You first must click “create new” at the bottom. I’m including some links here that help you determine the latitude and longitude of your store. You can then set the mileage for the fence and most importantly the feature we had to get working before releasing it, the spam controls. These are so the person that drives by your place on the way to work every day doesn’t get bombarded with your message.
This spam control can be set to the frequency of your choosing, we suggest 14 or 30 days. Plus you can have it reset the counter if you change your message.

Here is a site that helps you pinpoint the exact spot of your store to enter the coordinates:

Use this to locate your lat / long coordinates:

Use this to see how big of a circle to make around your store:


As always, we are happy to answer any questions for you via phone, email, or text chat.


Broadtime will be traveling to Music Biz in May and would be very happy to meet face to face with anyone else who will be in Nashville, please hit us up. We will be talking up Preorders and new features.

Of course, we will also be at Summer Camp and sweating it out with everyone. It would be great to schedule some one-on-one meetings, participate with appropriate groups and generally provide some hands on feedback, demo, and training for everyone.




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