Broadtime NOTE TO CUSTOMERS - Happy Black Friday Season - Part 1


The RECORD STORE DAY BLACK FRIDAY list is up. It looks really strong and our traffic numbers support this with a big increase over last year's announce.  We have had incredible traffic to RSD and our sites this year. It's been a bit since we had an update and we have many things to cover.

Summer Camp was really incredible and we loved connecting with everyone and meeting new folks. Since Summer Camp we have been hard at work on many aspects of our platform and providing a lot of new stores with training and support. We plan to keep that up through the rest of the year. Let's get ready for the holiday selling season. Let's schedule some training as needed.

For Readability, I'm going to send our update this week over a few days.





As you may know, for our website customers, we have launched the support for marketing and featuring titles for preorder. This initiative was requested by RSD to help Indie Stores be more competitive and compete with Amazon and the D2C channel where a lot of sales are happening before a record ever streets.

We have also launched a "LITE" version of our service where just preorders and featured items can be sold. This gets a store included in the traffic flow from Artists website to RSD to your store. It's an affordable entry point to e-commerce that is a great fit for many stores.

The labels and managers have really started to be more supportive in sending customers to the Indie Option for purchasing, often with an indie exclusive version of the record. The traffic drives from artist or label website -> to RSD Storefinder -> to the indie store to purchase. Stores can fill the orders or send to AEC to fill and the store can control a qty or disable preorders when they feel they are going to be allocated. The result has been a dramatic increase in sales.

All Broadtime powered sites, have preorders and featured items on the home pages of the commerce store.

If you want to increase sales for your Preorders then you should begin to incorporate the promotion and marketing of them in all your channels, (email, social, web & apps). Not only will your efforts drive new customers but it will encourage artists and labels to promote and drive traffic to your store and all of Indie Retail.

Some recent success stories with Twenty One Pilots and Chris Robinson Brotherhood take things a step further than just "linkfire" inclusion with other brands and actually uses splash/landing pages at announcement to send customers to preorder from Indie Record stores via

We have seen a very positive growth of PREORDERS being placed especially when promoted in this manner.

This is how you do it... for success!
Twenty One Pilots Landing Page...

Preorder Widget


Chris Robinson Brotherhood


Preorder Widget

Broadtime will feature titles in the preorder category under special features, you may edit our preorders titles or add your own (Any titles that you feature will take priority over titles we have added and appear at the top of the pages). We will try to let you know titles we will be featuring and they will include titles where the label drives traffic to stores via the INDIE OPTION at Record Store Day and other titles where we have extra assets, videos etc.



Pre-Order Campaign Genre

Titles in PREORDERS will AUTO transition to regular feature items on street date.

Here is some instructional information, we have some brand new controls on preorders we have recently constructed for you. These include scheduling for a preorder to stop, limiting a preorder by quantity, and finally adding a custom "note" to the preorder such as "limited, order before X for best delivery opportunity" 

These are super useful when dealing with very "limited quantity" items for preorder.

Preorder Management

Overall we are thrilled to help drive more sales via Preorders and better compete during this critical stage of an album release.

Please help the entire indie sector by participating and promoting these preorders and using these tools.

2. TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING Every Wed for the next few months

We are again starting back up weekly training sessions for everyone on using the Admin for Tuneportals Admin, processing orders and payments, and managing fulfillment. We can cover website, listening stations and apps.

We are also covering new procedures for payment processing with STRIPE.

We can accommodate up to 5 people at a time. Please sign up for a slot for you or someone at your company.


We have several new "LITE" customers as well so I want to also reference the online manuals that we have created for everyone. Please utilize these resources, in addition to our scheduled training classes, and finally reach out to us about anything via phone, email or text.





That's it for today, but look for an update later this week on our latest website updates, new features and what we are working on for the future.

Happy Selling,

Jon, Chris & Broadtime team.

P.S. Please pass this along to coworkers and let us know if someone else at your company needs to be on our customers list.