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Hey Guys,

Circling back with our proposal and discussion points…
We were so happy to talk to you the other day, and we thank you for considering working with us to create custom Augmented Reality Content for your graphic novel, Chasin' the Bird!
We read through the novel pdf you sent to us, and thoroughly enjoyed it! We especially enjoyed the analogy of the 5 blind men as a structure to the story. That's why we'd like to create PlayARt content based around this structure!
HERE is an example of a video animation we created for the cover!
In order from lowest to highest budget level:
Option 1: Audio Only: The consumer would scan the cover and the title pages of each of the choruses and the outro using their playart app, which would trigger a song to play specific to that chapter. The cost for each of these would run at $500 per song instance and target. 
Option 2: Video Animations in Book: Upon scanning the cover and the art on the title page of each chapter, PlayARt would trigger both a song and a video animation to be played while reading that chapter. These would run at $1500 per video animation, but we can discount this price depending on the volume of animations. 
Option 3: Video Animations of Inserts: Much the same as Option 2, except rather than (or in addition to) scanning the current title pages, at the beginning of each chapter there would be a square insert that can be pulled out and scanned for the same content. This has the added benefit of not only being a poster collectible, but also meshing more smoothly with PlayARt as PlayARt is optimized for square album covers (but may be adjusted for other sizes). This price would run the same as Option 2, as we're still creating video animations on our end. It would be the added cost of production on your end to have the posters that come to life.
Option 4: Custom Built Virtual Collectible Animations: For this option, the idea would be to follow the 5 blind men structure of the book more explicitly with the AR content. As the user progresses through the book, at each chapter when they scan with PlayARt, they would receive another "part of the whole." By the time they reached the end, the parts would combine into something wonderful that highlights the climax of the novel. This is the most complex and high budget option, as it would require a high level of custom content, custom code and a custom UI that still meshes with the PlayARt app. I would estimate this in the 10-20K range depending on complexity. It would be fun and amazing to make. We can do 3d models and interactive procedural animations but those are more expensive than our video animations (like the cover).
It seems like with time and budget, that Option 2 or 3 may make the most sense, but we are open to your thoughts.
It’s worth discussing on how to message the consumer that they can experience this content. Our message capability extends to the 100+ record stores we run on our platform, and the PlayARt app and socials. We could run our campaign and or point you to some of our store coalition campaigns. 
For success on your end, I would think at the very least there would be a sticker on the product with an QR code to get the app for the experience. Optionally, that could be printed inside wherever the masthead information would be and/or on pages with enabled content. It would important to be part of the marketing blurb and press release going out for publicity/PR. When it’s part of the story, it could get more press coverage.
I think this product would be amazing for record stores to carry in addition to the usual graphic novel outlets of comic book stores and bookstores.
We're so excited to hopefully begin work on this project with you, please feel free to reach back out with further questions or to further discuss any of the options so that we may fine tune costs a bit more together.
Please update us about your timelines and where you are in production as I believe it informs some of these options.

Jon Berger
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