BROADTIME FALL UPDATE - New Features, PlayARt, Social Media

Hey everyone, happy Fall!

It’s been a little bit since we had an update but we have a lot of things that we have been working on for you and on your behalf. The Black Friday season is fast approaching so it’s always a good time to remind everyone of how everything is setup. 

In this email:

• Black Friday Setup & Plans
• Shopping Cart Upgrades
• AEC Fulfillment Changes
• PlayARt Announcement/Launch
• Social Media Tips
• Preorders


Black Friday (and RSD) Broadtime Setup.

We have created the official UPCs both on RSD and on your website. The titles on our list have been protected from preorder so they can’t be sold before or on the day. We have created a Black Friday 2019 genre where you can see all of the titles on your website. We have featured the genre for you but you may un-feature if you wish. You may view it at https://[yoursite]/Genre/694875 or manage your genres at https://[yoursite]/AdminGenres.

After the day, at 9 AM the following morning (Saturday) we will release the lock on inventory/dataloads. You may enter inventory of your remaining titles by hand or spreadsheet if you wish to sell online at that time. For stores with automatic POS inventory loads, those will happen overnight as normal on Saturday night. Reach out if you have questions.

Shopping Cart Upgrades

Shopping Cart
1. Domestic vs International Shipping. 
We finally have our shopping cart able to make this determination and separation. Domestic only sees domestic shipping and international the same. It’s sounds easy but it was challenging for us, we had to refactor a lot of shopping cart code. It’s done now though and rolled out to everyone. Yay!


2. Shipping Threshold Option. Because we were able to refactor our cart for calculations and processing, we now have the new feature of enabling you to offer “free (domestic) shipping” over a certain dollar amount that you set. Customer will see the option greyed out if they have not met the threshold (if you are offering it).

3. Limit Quantity per customer per order.  An additional brand new shopping cart feature we have been working on for a while, that has been requested by our customers:  limit quantity to X amount per order per customer. 

You can now say "limit 1 per customer” or “limit 2 per customer" as an example and it will not allow them to check out with more than 1 (or 2). This can be a very useful feature for highly sought after limited inventory pieces where you want to insure people aren’t flipping and many customers can participate.

Max Per Cart

AEC Fufillment changes

1. AEC Default option.
We now have a site setting where a customer can choose to have all orders that qualify auto submitted to AEC. This is useful to stores that want to have hands off order fulfillment happen for their website. Stores can turn this feature on and off as desired. This was a requested feature from our customers and we are pleased to now provide this option. 

2. Order Management after submitted to AEC.
Previously, when orders were sent to AEC they could be difficult to process and put away in certain complex situations. Orders could only be put away and processed when unchecking "process payment” if orders had been canceled at AEC.  We have removed this requirement. Additionally, orders can be canceled in Tuneportals even though they are at AEC for processing and Tuneportals will email Broadtime to cancel if the AEC order is still active.. Bottom line, we have reduced our blocks to prevent duplicate ordering and order management at AEC but maintained our ability to manage the process in partnership with you.

3. AEC Ship Complete
Finally, we have a flag for ship complete now that is on a per order basis.
By default, orders that are “out now” are always “ship complete” flagged ON
By default, orders that  have “preorders” in them are “ship complete” flagged OFF.
When managing order submissions you can flag to override these defaults.

Some of you have been involved, guided us and are aware of a new consumer app that we have been working on called, PlayARt. For those that don’t know, we have created a new platform for hosting bonus album content that can be viewed with the PlayARt app to see album covers come to life when looking through the camera of a consumers phone. This is typically referred to as “augmented reality” when you look through the camera at the real world and animated computer elements come to life.

We believe strongly that this creates a buying incentive for albums and our goal all along is to increase the value of physical goods using digital technology. Customers in your store can look at album covers and preview them, see bonus content, watch videos on the cover and much more. Our plan is to work with labels for bonus feature content where there is an “experience card” instead of a download card inside the product plus a hype sticker. That way a user can unlock bonus content and add it to their collection and has an INCENTIVE to buy the album. Initially however, most of the titles will have animated song samples with two visualizers plus videos. When the album cover is not present, you may use the Explore titles section of the app and place a virtual album in the room with you.

Our app features a path to purchase option that directs consumers to the RSD storefinder that geolocates their closest INDIE RECORD STORE which is primarily Broadtime stores, where they can purchase or preorder the record. For our customers that have their own store apps, PlayARt is really a complement to what the store app can do, in that our store apps let you listen to EVERYTHING in the store via barcode scan and purchase it from the store. PlayARt is just for titles that have enhanced content (think DVD bonus features) and way to interact with that content. Just like RSD titles, we have created a genre for titles with PlayARt enhanced album data. You can scan the cover with PlayARt to experience their bonus album features. We have featured it as one of the genres on your site. If you don’t wish to display the genre you can simply un-feature it, just like RSD Black Friday genre or any genre. 

We believe strongly that this creates another reason for consumers to want to buy physical goods and enjoy record collecting thus increasing record sales. We hope everyone will support our hard work and efforts to get this platform off the ground. We welcome your ideas and are excited to see really creative album experiences happen, such as ideas like the artist in your living room, hybrid videos, 3D objects, Artwork driven visualizers and much more. We would love your ideas and feedback. Please download the app and check it out at

Social Media Advice, structured metadata and SEO suggestions.
Social Media
We often see your social media posts and they are often very creative and cool. Sometimes, you may wish to promote a particular preorder and new release in your post. Many times when we see these posts, they don’t include a deep link to the product page that generates a call-to-action for the consumer and takes them right to the product on your website. We have worked on the ever changing code for our open graph code to make sure we include the description and the image from the product page when sharing to social media. You will benefit from deep linking to engage with your customers. Please reach out to us if you would like to walk through it together.

Also, some of the under-the-hood programming we have been doing this summer and post Summer camp is to follow some standard schema for many elements of your product pages and events. While this is invisible to you, it’s part of an ongoing effort to help google understand the “data” that is on the pages of your website. It shows up by helping them know you have a product for sale and it’s price and availability.  Most all of our sites are connected via Google Analytics and Google Search Console where you see traffic and see how well the site is being indexed.

SEO tips: If you ever want to elevate a particular product, you can include your own "review" which is different and original from all the rest of the blurbs about that product. You can then submit that product page to Google Search. Finally, in everyone’s Site Settings, https://[yoursite], there is a <META> Description tag: not all of my customers are using this field. This is where you need a short paragraph with some keywords about your store. This gets indexed by Google and helps the identity of your store and getting found. Maybe take this opportunity to review and populate it.

Social Media
The Preorder platform we have built for you in Tuneportals combined with the incredible label support that continues to send traffic to the INDIE OPTION on product pages has all contributed to the biggest year we have ever had for both Preorders and online sales for our customers. The Preorder platform works when everyone participates, amplifies, and supports the effort.

When an artist or record label links to the INDIE OPTION we then in turn feature that PREORDER for you on your website. You can further support these efforts through your email, and social media marketing to encourage your customers to Preorder with you in general and for specific big releases (ahem.. TOOL). Tool was easily one of the biggest Preorder events that we have been a part of.
Please, let's keep reminding customers they can Preorder from your store and not just from artist websites. That all helps us get the label Preorder support that we are asking for when the INDIE PREORDER OPTION gets amplified by everyone. You can see which Preorders are featured on your site and you can add or remove Preorders of your own here:

https://[yoursite]/AdminFeaturedItems  and

you can view them on  your home page and https://[yoursite]/Preorder

Thanks everyone, happy selling!

Jon, Chris & Broadtime Team