Hey everyone, Happy March Madness,

It does seem a little mad and crazy out there. At least the new releases “seem” to be plentiful and flowing better. For us basketball fans it’s an exciting month! Go Big Blue! (Kentucky - SEC Champs).

We have been adding many features to our products and it takes us a while to document them altogether and share in newsletter form. Also, we are gearing up to move our offices to a new location April 1st as our old offices are getting leveled for an incoming hotel. Yay. And of course, it’s Record Store Day season for us all.
We are continuing to grow our efforts to add bonus features to albums using using Augmented Reality using our PlayARt app. We are looking for ways to work with stores more closely on these titles. Read on.

Let’s get into the new things and here is hoping we can share details more often.
There is a lot of information here.



In this email:

• Record Store Day Setup + Wishlist + Preorders
• Broadtime Manual + New Features 
• Cart, Tuneportals, Photos & more
• PlayARt Titles and Update
• Selling Tools - Charts, Videos, Social Media


Record Store Day Setup + Wishlist + Preorders

RSD 2020
On Thursday March 5th, we will publish THE LIST on the website. Broadtime will also setup and create the official UPCs both on RSD and on your website. The titles on the list will be protected from preorder so they can’t be sold before or on the day. 
We will create a Record Store Day 2020 genre where you can see all of the titles on your website. 

We will feature the genre for you and customers to browse the list.

[New Feature] Additionally, Customers will be able to add those titles to a “Wishlist” that is newly viewable by you in ADMIN in the Users Section. 

Please be mindful of THE PLEDGE and make sure you know the provisions of pricing, when you sell, etc.
Social Media

Finally, sales of PREORDERS at our customer sites continues to grow as does label participation and inclusion. We have redesigned the landing page for Products on Record Store Day to accomplish faster recognition by customers about how to purchase, to complement the product being featured with the background, and now we are including stores that are UNABLE to provide deep links to all products on the page in a separate section on the page. The DESIGN makes it better for everyone, customers, labels, Broadtime stores, and non-Broadtime stores. 

Check it out, click a Featured Preorder on and please consider promoting preorders more to your consumers as this is the result from those efforts last year:

Total Preorders


2018 vs 2019

When an artist or record label links to the INDIE OPTION we then in turn feature that PREORDER for you on your website as well (optionally). You can further support these efforts through your email, and social media marketing to encourage your customers to Preorder with you in general and for specific big releases. 

Please, let's keep reminding customers they can Preorder from your store and not just from artist websites. That all helps us get the label Preorder support that we are asking for when the INDIE PREORDER OPTION gets amplified by everyone. You can see which Preorders are featured on your site and you can add or remove Preorders of your own here:

https://[yoursite]/AdminFeaturedItems  and

you can view them on  your home page and https://[yoursite]/Preorder

Upcoming Preorders Being Promoted CURRENTLY
Brandy Clark -Your Life Is A Record 3/6/20
Caroline Rose -Superstar [LP] 3/6/20
Lauv -~how i'm feeling~ [Clear 2LP] 3/6/20
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds -Blue Moon Rising [LP] 3/6/20
Mandy Moore -Silver Landings [LP] 3/6/20
Thick -5 Years Behind [LP] 3/6/20
Swamp Dogg -Sorry You Couldn't Make It [LP] 3/6/20
Niall Horan -Heartbreak Weather 3/13/20
Dungen -Dungen Live [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Silver LP] 3/13/20
Shabaka and the Ancestors -We Are Sent Here By History [2LP] 3/13/20
Deap Lips -Deap Lips [LP] 3/13/20
The Districts -You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere [LP] 3/13/20
Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans -Ozark Season 1 & 2 (Original Soundtrack) [LP] 3/13/20
Conan Gray -Kid Krow [LP] 3/20/20
Mapache -From Liberty Street [First Edition Yellow LP] 3/20/20
The Revivalists -Made In Muscle Shoals [LP] 3/20/20
Alicia Keys -Alicia 3/20/20
Embrace -If You’ve Never Been [LP] 3/20/20
Embrace -Drawn From Memory [LP] 3/20/20
Pearl Jam -Gigaton [2LP] 3/27/20
Jessie Reyez -Before Love Came To Kill Us [2LP] 3/27/20
Cavetown -Sleepyhead [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Turquoise Blue LP] 3/27/20
Bela Fleck -The Ripple Effect [2LP] 3/27/20
Bela Fleck -Throw Down Your Heart: The Complete Africa Sessions [3CD/1DVD] 3/27/20
Orion Sun -Hold Space For Me [LP] 3/27/20
Brian Fallon -Local Honey [LP] 3/27/20
Lilly Hiatt -Walking Proof [LP] 3/27/20
Waxahatchee -Saint Cloud [LP] 3/27/20
Margaret Glaspy -Devotion [Sandstone LP] 3/27/20
Thundercat -It Is What It Is [Red LP] 4/3/20
Sam Hunt -SOUTHSIDE 4/3/20
Hinds -The Prettiest Curse [LP] 4/3/20
M. Ward -Migration Stories [LP] 4/3/20
tētēma -Necroscape [Limited Edition LP] 4/3/20
The Strokes -The New Abnormal [LP] 4/10/20
Grey Daze -Amends [LP] 4/10/20
Pokey Lafarge -Rock Bottom Rhapsody [LP] 4/10/20
Nightwish -HUMAN. :II: NATURE. [Limited Edition Brown/Orange Swirl 3LP] 4/10/20
Maddie & Tae -The Way It Feels 4/10/20
Watkins Family Hour -Brother Sister [LP] 4/10/20
Wavves -King Of The Beach: 10th Anniversary [Purple Kush LP] 4/10/20
Gregory Porter -All Rise [2 LP] 4/17/20
Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets -Live At The Roundhouse [2LP] 4/17/20
Prince -Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection [4CD/DVD] 4/17/20
Prince -One Nite Alone…(Solo Piano And Voice By Prince) [Purple LP] 4/17/20
Prince & The New Power Generation -One Nite Alone…Live! [Purple 4LP] 4/17/20
Prince & The New Power Generation -One Nite Alone… The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! (Up Late With Prince & The NPG) [Purple 2LP] 4/17/20
Prince -The Rainbow Children: Reissue 4/17/20
Prince -The Rainbow Children: Reissue [Limited Edition Clear 2LP + Rainbow Slipmat] 4/17/20
Brendan Benson -Dear Life [LP] 4/24/20
Lucinda Williams -Good Souls Better Angels [LP] 4/24/20
Luke Bryan -Born Here Live Here Die Here 4/24/20
Other Lives -For Their Love [LP] 4/24/20
Corb Lund -Agricultural Tragic [LP] 4/24/20
Hayley Williams -Petals For Armor [2LP] 5/8/20
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit -Reunions [LP] 5/15/20
Bon Jovi -Bon Jovi 2020 [Gold 2LP] 5/15/20
Declan McKenna -Zeros [LP] 5/15/20
Reckless Kelly -American Jackpot / American Girls [LP] 5/22/20
Jaime Wyatt -Neon Cross [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Neon LP] 5/29/20
Sammy Brue -Crash Test Kid [LP] 6/12/20

 • Broadtime Manual + New Features


Our customers often forget that we have a manual for how to do some common tasks with our products. We have added some new content for troubleshooting the Listening stations, we still need to to add info about our newest systems and order processing. You may explore solutions at your convenience using the manual and remember we are here for you for support at any time.
Please email any suggestions you have to continue to improve the Manual.

Shopping Cart Upgrades

Shopping Cart

1. AEC PREORDER WEBAMI SETUP & PREVENTION.  As Labels continue to give assets for albums ahead of announce date (during embargo), we are often getting setup and receiving preorders for albums BEFORE they get setup at AEC/WebAMI. In the past, Broadtime store customers have submitted these to be filled by AEC and then the orders get canceled because they don’t match any products. NOW, we have added a column to list of Orders in Tuneportals that “shows” if CDF availability and as such, prevents orders from being submitted until they become available in AEC’s system.
2. SECURE CERTS. You may have noticed that all website now need to be encrypted with a cert using “https” vs “http”. The latest version of browsers demand this to be the case or else a consumer has to click through many ominous warnings just to see the content of a website. In the “old” day, you used to have to purchase a certificate for each domain and have a separate IP address. We have begun using an Encryption service that allows all of our sites to be encrypted and we have converted shopping cart checkout to now stay on your domain rather than be on our wildcard certificate of *.tuneportals.
Bottom line, checkout is now on https://[YOURDOMAIN].com rather than https://[YOURDOMAIN]
3. AEC Fulfillment - Things to Know. There is a very small window of time when an order can be canceled at AEC if the product being ordered is in stock. Like early in the day, maybe an hour or less after submitted. After that, the orders is sent to the warehouse for fulfillment and there isn’t really any way of stopping it. Order that are Preordered (backorder) may be killed, or split for “fill & kill” when combined with an out now title. Please reach out to Broadtime in the event this needs to occur. Additionally, if you have a damaged shipment or need to return for any reason, you may not “cancel” the order or setup the return your self. You must email us to generate an RA# at AEC along with a reason code. Finally, we are exploring ways to “split” orders for sending to AEC and exploring a way for you to place an “internal” fulfillment order in the event you have received payment outside the system.
Cart Updates we shared in our last email…



•  PhotoSets Browsing for Users.
Photos are one of the least intuitive features of Tuneportals. In order to place an image that is not part of News or a Product page, you need to first create and host the photo in a photoset in your Admin. There is a special Photoset type that drives the “billboard” which is the front rotating images on most sites. 
Once a photo is uploaded it gets a Broadtime Photo Id and that and looks something like this: if you want to reside that image you can add a colon and width as in 400 pixels wide =  
You can often link to a photos as a “relative” url by shortening the link to just the slash and Photo and ID as in:   /Photo/418462452838 or /Photo/418462452838:400
What is a brand new feature, is now every photoset you create in now a user browseable “section” of your website where photos that are part of a set or event can be easily browsed. A great example is the Lil Baby In-Store Meet and Greet that our wonderful customer DBS Sounds just conducted. We used a custom page in order to host links to 3 different photosets that allow customer to browse and find their photo.

 Saving your and my ARSE: AUTOSAVE
If you ever find yourself using Tuneportals to add content to your website, you will often find yourself using our HTML editor built in to the page. This is referred to as TinyMCE. It allows you to type like normal and it lets you add images and formatting without needing to know how to code in HTML. Many email programs and word processors have incorporate and “AutoSave” feature, and this have been lacking on the web page editors.
The problem is that while you are editing the page, (writing an email) but you have not “submitted” your changes yet, they have no been saved anywhere. So if you are interrupted, accidentally close the page, or any number of things, you end up losing the work and all the time you spent composing your masterpiece. I’m thrilled to say (after losing some work myself) that we now have two features to prevent this from occurring. One, you can no longer close a page that you have been working on without getting a WARNING message that there are unsaved changes. This is your prompt to save your work. Two, it has a “Restore Last Draft” feature that can be used to restore that last version of the edit you were making.

Here’s to being able to “not lose our work”.

PlayARt - Titles and Update 60 Albums and counting


We have been steadily and successfully adding titles each week to PlayARt. 
If you have a LAUV window cling or poster, you can use PlayARt to activate the experience in addition to the Album cover.
Again, this is a great way to engage your customers.

LAUV - PlayARt Preview exerience -
The list of titles that have Cover art the can be scanned (or virtually placed in your room) using PlayARt can be found in the Genre on your website and on the PlayARt website. We are partnering with a few stores to explore ways to communicate with customers about the new way to interact with albums.
https://[YOUR DOMAIN]/Genre/694857      i.e.

Broadtime is asking you our customer to follow the list of titles, follow and interact with our social media and generally join in the fun of bring albums to life with bonus content by sharing this experience with your shoppers.

Here is a Video of the Experience of a PlayARt album - Halsey

Socials.  Facebook  Instagram

PlayARt Updates we shared in our last email…

Cavetown - Cavetown 3/27/20
Pearl Jam - Gigaton [2LP] 3/27/20
Jessie Reyez - Before Love Came To Kill Us [2LP] 3/27/20
Lilly Hiatt - Walking Proof [LP] 3/27/20
Conan Gray - Kid Krow [LP] 3/20/20
Niall Horan - Heartbreak Weather 3/13/20
Caroline Rose - Superstar [LP] 3/6/20
Thick - 5 Years Behind [LP] 3/6/20
Mandy Moore - Silver Landings [LP] 3/6/20
LAUV - Silver Landings [LP] 3/6/20
Five Finger Death Punch - F8 [2LP]
Slotface - Sorry For The Late Reply [LP] 2/21/20
Purr - Like New [LP] 2/21/20
The Ballroom Thieves - Unlovely [LP] 2/14/20
Beach Bunny - Honeymoon [Color LP] 2/14/20
The Wood Brothers - Kingdom In My Mind [LP] 2/14/20
Nada Surf - Never Not Together [LP] 2/7/20
La Roux - Supervision [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP] 2/7/20
Mike Posner - Keep Going 1/31/20
Son Little - Aloha [LP] 1/31/20
Joey Alexander - Warna [2LP] 1/31/20
Wolf Parade - Thin Mind [LP] 1/24/20
Andy Shauf - The Neon Skyline [LP] 1/24/20
Halsey - Manic [LP] 1/17/20
Devon Gilfillian - Black Hole Rainbow [LP] 1/10/20
The Raconteurs - Help Me Stranger / Somedays (Alternate Version) [Vinyl Single] 12/20/19
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP: 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition [2CD] 12/13/19
John Hiatt - Only The Song Survives [15 LP Box Set] 12/6/19
Opeth - In Cauda Venenum [2LP English Version] 11/29/19
Tenacious D - Blue Series: Don't Blow It, Kage [RSD BF 2019] 11/28/19
Ben Lee - Quarter Century Classix 11/22/19
JD McPherson - Socks [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Snow Globe Colored LP] 11/22/19
Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿ [LP] 11/22/19
Pluralone - To Be One With You [LP] 11/22/19
Big Band of Brothers - A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band 11/22/19
William Hooker - Symphonie Of Flowers [2LP] 11/22/19
Lily Kershaw - Arcadia [LP] 11/15/19
Michael Nau - Less Ready To Go [LP] 11/15/19
Hollie Kenniff - The Gathering Dawn [LP] 11/15/19
The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger 6/21/19
Brittany Howard - Jaime [Sandstone LP] 9/20/19
Black Pumas - Black Pumas [Limited Color LP] 6/21/19
Fitted - First Fits [LP] 11/8/19
Cold War Kids - New Age Norms 1 [Opaque White LP] 11/1/19
Japanese Wallpaper - Glow [LP] 11/1/19
Hollow Coves - Moments 11/8/19
Dan Luke and The Raid - Out Of The Blue [LP] 10/11/19
The Menzingers - Hello Exile [LP] 10/4/19
Joshua Radin - Here, Right Now [LP] 10/4/19
North Mississippi Allstars - Up and Rolling [LP] 10/4/19
Kacy & Clayton - Carrying On [LP] 10/4/19
Whiskey Myers - Whiskey Myers [LP] 9/27/19
Boy & Bear - Suck On Light [LP] 9/27/19
Andrew Combs - Ideal Man [LP] 9/20/19
Guaxe - Guaxe [LP] 9/6/19
Seratones - POWER [LP] 8/23/19
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Dragons [LP] 8/16/19
Justin Townes Earle - The Saint Of Lost Causes  5/24/19
The Harmaleighs - She Won't Make Sense [LP] 8/2/19
Grizfolk - Rarest Of Birds [LP] 8/2/19
Steve Earle & The Dukes - GUY [LP] 3/29/19
Tinnarose - My Pleasure Has Returned 10/14/16

Social Media Advice, structured metadata and SEO suggestions.

Social Media

We often see your social media posts and they are often very creative and cool. Sometimes, you may wish to promote a particular preorder and new release in your post. Many times when we see these posts, they don’t include a deep link to the product page that generates a call-to-action for the consumer and takes them right to the product on your website. We have worked on the ever changing code for our open graph code to make sure we include the description and the image from the product page when sharing to social media. You will benefit from deep linking to engage with your customers. Please reach out to us if you would like to walk through it together.

Also, some of the under-the-hood programming we have been doing this summer and post Summer camp is to follow some standard schema for many elements of your product pages and events. While this is invisible to you, it’s part of an ongoing effort to help google understand the “data” that is on the pages of your website. It shows up by helping them know you have a product for sale and it’s price and availability.  Most all of our sites are connected via Google Analytics and Google Search Console where you see traffic and see how well the site is being indexed.

SEO tips: If you ever want to elevate a particular product, you can include your own "review" which is different and original from all the rest of the blurbs about that product. You can then submit that product page to Google Search. Finally, in everyone’s Site Settings, https://[yoursite], there is a <META> Description tag: not all of my customers are using this field. This is where you need a short paragraph with some keywords about your store. This gets indexed by Google and helps the identity of your store and getting found. Maybe take this opportunity to review and populate it.


Thanks everyone, happy selling!

Jon, Chris & Broadtime Team