[BROADTIME STORES]- Broadtime - How to Cancel Orders - Dec 4, 2020

Greetings, everyone. 

We wanted to send over a quick reminder as we head into the weekend:

How to properly cancel a backorder 

With the craziness around Britney orders and the holiday season in general, now is a good time to send out a reminder of the process, which is important for everyone to understand.

In addition to how to cancel an order, there is a lot of helpful content in our manual, including video tutorials. The manual is easily accessible in the top right corner of your Admin. Please feel free to suggest more topics to cover in the manual. We’re constantly updating it and value input from all of you.

Stay healthy, happy selling, 

Jon, Chris, Sammy and all of us here.

In this email:

  • Quick Tutorial on Canceling Orders 💥
  • Sturgill Simpson Note 💥
  • Broadtime Manual + Newsletter Archive 

• Quick Tutorial on Canceling Orders and Broadtime support

We have new and existing customers that are confused by the order processing steps, particularly how to cancel orders that have been submitted to AEC for fulfillment.

We have a video tutorial on processing orders that everyone should take a few minutes to watch. https://broadtime.com/StoreManual

In short, when a customer contacts you and wants to cancel a preorder, and you have submitted to AEC to fill, there are a few easy steps to get this taken care of. 

1. Contact Broadtime using 


so that we may log in to AEC’s warehouse system and cancel the preorder for you. It is not possible for us to automate. 

It's important to remember that canceling an order in Tuneportals DOES NOT CANCEL THE AEC ORDER and it will still ship if we are not contacted to cancel.  

We will email you back and leave a message in the internal comments when it's canceled. 

2. Similarly, canceling the order with AEC and in Tuneportals does not refund via Stripe, you must log in to Stripe, issue the refund and provide a reason. We make it easy by providing a link in the order history, right to that transaction at Stripe.

You must refund via Stripe as we charge for preorders in advance.

3. Finally, you must CANCEL the order in Tuneportals.

To help with this process, AS OF TODAY (DECEMBER 4), when you cancel or complete an order that is still at Alliance, you will get a dialog box warning (that goes away) and an email to alert you that the order still needs to be canceled with Broadtime at AEC. Hopefully, this will make the process smoother for everyone. 

As always, we're here to help if you have any questions along the way. The best way to reach us and get a quick response is to use support@broadtime.com 

• Sturgill Simpson Note

You guys sold a lot of Sturgill preorders back in October and they are going to start shipping next week. We feel good about our direct fulfillment fill at this time since we cut it off at the appropriate time.

I'm REMINDING you now, that the funds for all of these were received in October, and since they are shipping in December, the INVOICE for those will come in January. I want to help everyone plan for that cashflow.


Broadtime Manual + New Features

Our customers often forget that we have a manual for how to do some common tasks with our products. We have added some BRAND NEW content for ORDER PROCESSING now with VIDEO WALKTHROUGH TUTORIALS. 
Our newest sections are the Importing Inventory and Asset Specs.
You may explore solutions at your convenience using the manual. Remember we are here for you for support at any time!
Please email any suggestions you have to continue to improve the Manual.

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