[BROADTIME STORES] - Warning about Fraud and Flipping

We have identified this person as someone who has ordered a lot of records and is canceling a lot at the last minute from multiples Broadtime stores.

E-mail: crispybuys@gmail.com
Shipping First Name: ALAN
Shipping Last Name: WONG
Shipping Address: 41-29 56th ST
Shipping City: FLUSHING
Shipping State: NY
Shipping Zip code: 11377
Shipping Country: US
Shipping Phone #: 3478781028

This catches you in a precarious timing (possibly on purpose) where the record has most likely shipped from AEC. Either he is getting his allotment of records and then requesting to cancel the order, or he is trying to cancel when it’s difficult for us to stop the record because it's already shipped, which leaves him getting his refund AND the record.

I'm estimating that he is canceling 1 out of every 3 records and has placed in excess of 50 orders of high demand preorders.

He has orders for Britney, Shawn Mendes and McCartney exclusives. He has canceled Britney and Mendes orders so far, so we are expecting the same for McCartney. These are all sold out records that he is likely going to flip, esp. with an email like “crispybuys@gmailcom”

You have the ability to ban a user both in Tuneportals and in Stripe.
If it comes to it, we will work to ban him throughout.

Right now, I want everyone to be aware and figure out your response when he requests a cancelation the week of release.

My suggested reply is, "No we cannot cancel the record the week of release. Once you receive the record, you can call back and request a return, and when we receive it back, we will credit you."
I don’t want you to get into a position where he will dispute charges, that's expensive and never goes well.

Thanks and keep us posted if anything weird goes down.

P.S. Clarification about Priority Mail setup from our last email. AEC's shipping method is a combo of Priority/First Class. That means if the order qualifies for First Class it will ship that way, if it's overweight/size then it will ship Priority. I wanted to clear that up for everyone.