[BROADTIME STORES] - New Features: Packing Slips + Custom URLs - January 14, 2021

Greetings everyone,

We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and help each of you maximize your business through Broadtime.

This week, we’re really excited to roll out two new features that may seem small on the surface, but we think will be incredibly valuable for many of you, both from a time-saving and SEO (get found by Google) perspective.

More details on both updates are below. As always, we’re here to help answer any questions you have about these updates or anything else.

We’re also open to any other suggestions any of you have. Feel free to reach out to support@broadtime.com with questions or suggestions and one of us will get back to you.

Stay safe! Music matters!

Jon, Chris, Sammy and the Broadtime Team

In this email:

  • Packing Slips Print All 📬
  • Custom URLs 💥
  • AEC Preorder Submission Reminder
  • Broadtime Manual + Newsletter Archive 

 Packing Slips - Print All

For those of you who do in-store fulfillment on orders, we’ve now given you the ability to print the packing slips for all outstanding orders at once.

Why does this matter? Previously, you or a staff member had to go into each order individually and click to print the packing slip. So, if you have a large number of orders to fill in-store, instead of having to click and open each order, you’ll be able to print all labels with the click of a button.

Each label will print individually on a page, so it gives you the ability to process orders in a more automated way, which we hope will save significant amounts of time for those of you filling orders in-store.

We don't yet have a checkbox select for which orders to print so the best way to achieve this is to use your computer's "print to pdf" function, then you can open the PDF file and print just the pages and quantities you need.

This will not impact those of you that have AEC fill your orders directly.

 Custom URLs

The other new function we’ve built and are rolling out this week is new custom URL mapping. This means you can now map any of the Tuneportals Nodes (charts, news, contests, genre, custom page, etc.) and make your own topical URL for that page.

With this function, you can now create customer-facing URLs like YOURDOMAIN . com/topsellers or YOURDOMAIN
 . com/localfavorites for example. You can also do genre-specific URLs like YOURDOMAIN . com/HipHop. Currently, these appear as YOURDOMAIN . com/Genre/23. 

This offers you a more consumer-friendly option if there’s something you’d specifically like to promote or a page you want to send folks to regularly.

Perhaps most importantly, this will help tremendously with SEO when people are searching for specific items, like new releases. That’s because we’re including these URLs in your sitemap that Google crawls, which is a critical way to get found by customers searching for a record store or related topic.

This will also come in handy if you really want to promote a certain preorder or contest, as you could do something like YOURDOMAIN.com/ArloParks or YOURDOMAIN.com/SturgillContest for instance. 

These create powerful LANDING PAGES for you to share on social networks and other marketing campaigns.

How you utilize this function will be unique for each store and your own needs, but this is a really powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to promotion and SEO.

It also makes Tuneportals into a more powerful web publishing and e-commerce platform.

We highly recommend going in and changing any static pages you have to these custom URLs as we feel it will help improve traffic to your sites.

Here’s how it works.
1. Log into your Admin Page

2. Under “Website” click “Custom URLs”

3. In the box marked “Pattern” you’ll write whatever you want the URL to be (e.g. /topsellers, /reggae, /rock, etc.)

4. From there, you can either paste the URL you want this custom URL to point to, OR MORE LIKELY you can select a Node from the dropdown menu.

5. If you do the latter, you’ll need to select the specific genre ID and put it in the ID box (example image below).

We're available anytime to help walk you through the process if you hit a bump in the road - support@broadtime.com 


AEC Preorder Submission - Ship to Store

Just a friendly reminder about the procedural change we mentioned last week about submitting preorders that you are planning to fill yourself in your store ordered from AEC. 

Orders submitted for direct to consumer fulfillment are NOT CHANGING at all. This is a new capability intended for "in-store pickup" or store order fulfillment by you to send to the customer.

Moving forward, anytime you have a preorder to place with Alliance that was placed in Tuneportals for in-store fulfillment, please start putting simply the word "Broadtime" as the PO number.

Again, instead of assigning your own PO at Alliance and via WebAMI shelf, simply write “Broadtime” only and no other information for the PO when you have sold preorders through Broadtime. This will help Alliance have visibility so they can attempt to prioritize customer pre-placed orders.

You can read more detail in last week's note, which is linked below along with all our previous Broadtime store emails. 


Broadtime Manual + New Features

You may explore solutions at your convenience using the manual. Remember we are here for you for support at any time!
Please email any suggestions you have to continue to improve the Manual.


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