[BROADTIME STORES] - Arlo Parks Splash + New Color Coding & Blocked Preorders - January 27, 2021

Greetings everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great week.

A quick note this week about a splash page we'll be displaying later this week for the highly-anticipated Arlo Parks release.

We also have another new color-coding feature we recently rolled out that should help in several ways, including if you have split orders that you’ll partially fill in-store and partially fill through Alliance, as well as keeping track of order history and AEC submission.

As we mentioned last week, we’re always seeking feedback from you and rolling out new features to optimize Tuneportals, making it a better user experience for you.

Shoot us a note with ideas or suggestions anytime to support@broadtime.com 

Have a great weekend and happy selling!

Stay safe! Music matters!

Jon, Chris, Sammy and the Broadtime team

In this email:

  • Arlo Parks Splash Page
  • SPLIT ORDERS Coding/Restoring Removed Items 🔴
  • Color Coding "Canceled at AEC" Orders 🔴
  • Preorders off, Sales on this week
  • Broadtime Manual + Newsletter Archive 

 Arlo Parks Splash Page

This coming Friday and Saturday (January 29-30), we'll display a special splash page to promote the release of Arlo Parks' debut full-length, Collapsed in Sunbeams. 

Parks recorded a video talking about her love of Indie Record stores and the influence they have had on her as an artist, which is part of the splash page.

Remember, it's very simple to activate or deactivate the Splash pages on your individual site. 

You just need to go to your Tuneportals Admin, scroll down to select your Site Settings ([yourwebsite].com/AdminSite), and Splash pages is towards the bottom of the page with a check box that will default to ON when we publish.

If you want to turn yours off for any reason, you can just uncheck the box in that location.

The Arlo Parks splash page will run from around  10 a.m. EST Friday, January 29 through 10 p.m. EST Saturday, January 30. You may preview it here: https://test.tuneportals.com/Splash

 Color Coding Removed Items

We’ve developed a new color-coding feature that keeps items removed from an order visible and a part of the order history, without remaining an ACTUAL part of the order and impeding its progress. This should provide you a cleaner way to manage an order that may have a complex shipping or submission issue.

Here’s where it will come in handy:

1. If you have an order that you are partially filling in-store and partially filling through AEC, you can remove the items you’ll be filling in-store from the order before submitting it to AEC.

2. You have an order that you are unable to submit to Alliance because one specific piece of the order is no longer available; as always, you’ll need to physically remove the item from the order, then submit it. In the past, if you removed an item, it was simply gone from the order history unless you left an internal note. This new feature keeps the item listed in the order history for your reference. You may also now RESTORE the item, which is new.

3. If you have an order that will fill at various times (e.g. one that includes an ALREADY RELEASED ALBUM and/or a PREORDER with an album on BACKORDER). Backorder albums auto-cancel after 30 days, so if you wanted to resubmit the order again for fulfillment, you would have to know which items already filled, remove them from the order then resubmit. Otherwise, if you resubmitted the order without removing the items, it would ship the ENTIRE order again.

Moving forward, all of these items that have been removed from an order for various reasons will remain a part of the order history IN RED. This way, the original order is kept intact and you can easily reference what pieces of the order has been filled and what pieces were removed.

We still feel that it’s a good idea to leave internal notes anytime a piece is removed from an order, outlining why, but the color-coding should help you easily identify items that have been removed from orders moving forward.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions on this or any features – support@broadtime.com 


 Color Coding CANCELED at AEC Orders

When AEC cancels an item, you get that info as part of your nightly emails from AEC but often it's easy to overlook. Customers DO NOT get notified if AEC cancels a backorder/preorder, only you do. Now when that happens we are highlighting with red the order on the /Orders or Pending orders page. 

That means that you need to possibly refund the order via Stripe (if it was a preorder), leave a note in "notes to customer" of the order and then change the order to CANCELED in Tuneportals. This will email the customer and include your note.

We have instructions about this in the Manual.

Items that have been canceled with AEC will also be coded in red. This is intended to serve as a reminder to you. The Broadtime team has to physically log into AEC to cancel an item if you need to cancel it, once AEC has canceled an order, you still need to cancel it in Tuneportals to remove it from pending status (and possibly refund).

NOTE: AEC will cancel back-ordered preorders 30 days after the street date, and if an item is DISCONTINUED it may occur sooner.

Hopefully, this new coding feature will help you identify pending orders that need your attention. 

Don't forget, we have full step-by-step instructions on how to cancel orders in our manual


As of today, we are blocking Preorders for the Indie Exclusive variants of:

FOO FIGHTERS - Medicine at Midnight [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Blue LP]
/AdminItem/9016145256  UPC 194397883817


WEEZER - OK Human [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Splatter LP]
 /AdminItem/9016364927   UPC 075678645891
If for some reason you think you will get copies other than AEC to fill your orders you may choose to UNBLOCK for your store. However, we need to cut off our preorders for Alliance as of today. If you want to fill through AEC either submit to be filled or mark Broadtime on your PO.
Broadtime Manual + New Features

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