[BROADTIME STORES] - Olivia Rodrigo Madness, Def Leppard Splash Page, Social Media Assets, What's New This Week and More - May 26, 2022


Greetings everyone, 

Olivia Rodrigo made headlines in the industry this week, announcing an indie exclusive vinyl release of her hit debut album, Sour, due out tomorrow. We saw a substantial number of words for this title immediately upon announcement and preorders are currently turned off for this popular title. More details on what we know and what to expect are below.

Also streeting tomorrow is Diamond Star Halos from Def Leppard. We'll have a splash page promoting the release, which you can preview below, across Broadtime sites beginning tomorrow. 

We also have steps on importing your store inventory onto your website, in case you want to list copies of this or any other title you have on hand. 

Our list of social assets currently available, including new content for six upcoming releases, is below, as are
newly featured preorders, what's streeting this week and titles we're currently blocking across our sites (which is a huge list this week with 20 new titles added).

If you have questions this weekend or at any point, we're always here to help. Remember to shoot a note to support@broadtime.com so that your note goes to multiple members of our team. 

Music matters!
Jon and the Broadtime team

In this email:

  • Olivia Rodrigo Madness 🔥
  • Uploading Inventory 🗃️
  • Def Leppard Splash Page 🐆
  • Newly Announced Featured Preorders 
  • What's New: May 27, 2022 🆕
  • Social Media Content Currently Available 📱 
  • Preorders off/blocked 🚫
  • Broadtime Manual + Newsletter Archive 


Olivia Rodrigo Madness 🔥

Riding the popularity of her debut single "Driver's License," Olivia Rodrigo was one of the big breakout music stars of 2021. Her album, Sour, was one of the bestsellers of the year.

To celebrate the album's first anniversary, Rodrigo announced an indie exclusive vinyl version, which streets tomorrow (May 27). You may have noticed a high volume of orders for this title on your website, as it was our top seller over the past week. 

We were informed by Universal that the manufacturer is woefully behind on production of this title, with only about 20% of the total being pressed available at street date. 

With that in mind, we have currently turned off preorders for this title across all our sites due to incredibly high demand. AEC has confirmed with us they will be able to fill more than half of the preorders placed through Broadtime for Sour thus far, which will fill this week based on the order in which orders were received. 

If you have orders placed for Sour and they do not fill this week the good news is, AEC is expecting more copies most likely within the next 30 days, so we should still be able to fill orders placed, there will just be a delay. 

Should customers inquire about the status of orders for this Olivia Rodrigo title, let them know it should fill, it will be delayed due to incredibly high demand combined with massive manufacturing delays.  

If you have any questions, drop us a note - support@broadtime.com 


Uploading Inventory 🗃️

In lieu of a Two Minute Tutorial this week, we thought it would be beneficial to remind you how to upload your local store inventory to your website if you aren't already doing so. This is a great option to list popular titles, like the Olivia Rodrigo release, if you are expecting copies in-house and would like to list them for sale online.  It's an easy process and creates more selling opportunities for your customers. 

We have a WALKTHROUGH VIDEO and Step-by-Step instructions for you in the store manual.

Video Thumbnail

It's a simple process to import your inventory and creates additional selling opportunities for customers visiting your website. You can import both new and used titles, as well as set up sale pricing for specific items. (Your point of sale may also be capable of integrating with your website)

Here, we'll walk you through the steps for importing your inventory. The biggest thing to remember is that you have complete control of what's listed on your site AND the pricing for each item. 


You can upload your local inventory either manually, piece-by-piece or by dataload. 

To upload local inventory manually, per item, you must first find the product page of the item you would like to include on your site. Search or Browse for your Item.

Once you navigate to the product page, scroll down to pricing and inventory. The first line is the inventory available via Alliance. Below that, you will see "Enter a New Inventory Record" where you can input the REGULAR PRICE you wish to list the item for and the local quantity you have in the respective fields. Once you input the data, hit "Update" at the bottom and it will appear on your site. 

It's important to note that unless you are supplying Broadtime with your local inventory on a daily or regular basis, you will have to go in and manually update your inventory yourself if sold offline to ensure the accuracy of what is listed on your site. So, if you sell an item listed on your website, but it's sold IN-STORE, not via Tuneportals, you will have to manually go in and update the quantity of that item under Pricing and Inventory. If your store provides us with your nightly inventory, it will automatically update. 

If you want to import your entire local inventory at once instead of manually doing each item one by one, scroll to the top of your Admin page and look for the "Import Inventory" link, or simply go to YOURSTORE.tuneportals.com/AdminInventoryList

There you will find instructions on how to format a file that you will upload to us. That will upload whatever you have within that file. It would be just a few hundred pieces you'd like to put for sale on your website, or it can be your entire store's inventory. That is totally up to you and what you'd like to feature on your website. 

Again, you'll need to keep up with whatever local inventory you upload regularly to ensure it's in sync with what you have available. 

If you do want to import your inventory, we encourage you to test the process with a few items and to get comfortable with the steps. 

Def Leppard Splash Page 

Rock legends Def Leppard are back this Friday with Diamond Star Halos, the group's first new studio album in seven years. We'll have a splash page up beginning tomorrow (May 27) across Broadtime sites. Don't forget that we also have content for this and many other releases available for you to share on your store's social media channels to raise awareness and drive sales on your website: https:// [your store]/SocialFeatures

The Def Leppard Diamond Star Halos splash page will run from Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29. 

Remember, it's very simple to activate or deactivate the Splash pages on your individual site if you wish. 

You just need to go to your Tuneportals Admin, scroll down to select your Site Settings ([yourwebsite].com/AdminSite), and Splash pages is towards the bottom of the page with a check box that will default to ON when we publish, usually the lock page is ON as well.

If you want to turn yours off for any reason, you can just uncheck the box in that location, and turn it back on at any time.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out - support@broadtime.com


Newly Announced Featured Preorders 

Below is a list of newly announced preorders that we are now featuring across your websites. 

Artist Title Street Date
Jasmyn In the Wild 06/03/2022
Post Malone Twelve Carat Toothache 06/03/2022
Rick Springfield Working Class Dog: 40th Anniversary  06/17/2022
UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro  Unprecedented 06/17/2022
Conan Gray SUPERACHE 06/24/2022
Soccer Mommy Sometimes, Forever 06/24/2022
The Ballroom Thieves Clouds 07/15/2022
The Linda Lindas Growing Up 07/15/2022
Alex the Astronaut How to Grow a Sunflower Underwater 07/22/2022
The Interrupters In The Wild 08/05/2022
Eric Church & 08/19/2022
Brooke Annibale Better By Now 09/30/2022



What's New: May 27, 2022 🆕

These featured preorders come out Friday...whoop whoop...

Artist Title
Nirvana Nevermind 30th
Just Mustard Heart Under
ABBA ABBA - Album Box Set
Def Leppard Diamond Star Halos



Remember, to add a tag for the artist and hashtag the album with your text posting for the best visibility... we have now added text and hashtags you may use.
Labels and Artists appreciate this coverage plus we have seen it really drives sales on your website.
Don't forget, these assets are now easily available with one click from your Admin Home. At the top left of the screen just under your store's logo, you'll see a link for "Social Media Assets" alongside a link to the store manual. This link will take you directly to any assets we currently have available and give you easy access to download them for use on your channels. 

New Social Media Assets Link


° RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Unlimited Love 04-01

° JACK WHITE - Fear of the Dawn 04-08

° AEROSMITH - 1971 The Road Starts Hear 04-08

° KURT VILE - Watch My Moves 04-15

° RUSH - Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary 04-15

° GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS - The Original George Thorogood 04-15

° JOSHUA HEDLEY - Neon Blue 04-22

° TAJ MAHAL & RY COODER - Get on Board 04-22

° DOROTHY - Gifts from the Holy Ghost 04-22

° BOB MOSES - The Silence in Between 04-29

° LOLA KIRKE - Lady for Sale 04-29

° SERATONES - Love & Algorhythms 04-29

° TROMBONE SHORTY - Lifted 04-29

° NORAH JONES - Come Away with Me 04-29

° HERMITDUE- Mirror Mountain 05-06

° THE WHO - Half Speed Masters 05-06

° EDDIE VEDDER - Ukulele Songs 05-06

° SHERYL CROW - Sheryl: Music from the Feature Documentary 05-06

° THE ROLLING STONES - Live at the El Mocambo  05-13

° 49 WINCHESTER - Fortune Favors the Bold 05-13

° FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Dance Fever 05-13

° LYLE LOVETT - 12th of June 05-13

° MALLRAT - Butterfly Blue 05-13

° MANDY MOORE - In Real Life 05-13

° TANK AND THE BANGAS - Red Balloon 05-13

° THE BLACK KEYS - Dropout Boogie 05-13

° MAVIS STAPLES & LEVON HELM - Carry Me Home 05-20

° DEF LEPPARD - Diamond Star Halos 05-27

° NEW: ABBA - ABBA Album Box Set 05-27

° DARIUS RUCKER - #1's Volune 1 06-03

° NEW: BEN ZAIDI- Acre of Salt 06-03

° NEW: FRANK SINATRA - Watertown 06-03

° NEW: JASMYN - In The Wild 06-03

° NEW: POST MALONE - Twelve Carat Toothache 06-03

° NEW: S.G. GOODMAN - Teeth Marks 06-03

° CARRIE UNDERWOOD - Denim & Rhinestones 06-10

Check them all out on your own site with site-specific links for you.

https:// [yourstore]/SocialFeatures (This is the link now provided at the top of your Admin Home)
Currently blocked:
UPC Artist Title Street Date Block Began 
194399456811   Doja Cat PLANET HER   05/27/2022  .    05/13/2022  .
644110491640 MJ LENDERMAN BOAT SONGS 05/27/2022 05/18/2022
656605160535 BRIGHT EYES COLLECTION OF SONGS WRITTEN & RECORDED 1995-1997 05/27/2022 05/18/2022
602438945160 DEF LEPPARD DIAMOND STAR HALOS 05/27/2022 05/18/2022
600753932292 CRANBERRIES STARS (THE BEST OF 1992-2002) 05/27/2022 05/18/2022
602445646722 OLIVIA RODRIGO SOUR 05/27/2022 05/25/2022
5060467888202 THE CROWS BEWARE BELIEVERS (DELUXE) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
5060467888196 THE CROWS BEWARE BELIEVERS (IEX) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
5024545963229 GHOST POWER GHOST POWER 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
5024545963519 GHOST POWER GHOST POWER 06/10/2022 05/24/2022


7090039724681 KRYPTOGRAF THE ELDORADO SPELL 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
5060446072974 MARRIOTT, STEVE & RONNIE LANE THE MAJIC MIJITS 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
634457048751 MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION EGOR 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
634457098053 RUNDLE, EMMA RUTH EG2: DOWSING VOICE (TRANSPARENT RED VINYL) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
790377011609 THE SEA AND CAKE ONE BEDROOM (INDIE EXCLUSIVE, WHITE VINYL) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
790377003901 THE SEA AND CAKE THE FAWN (INDIE EXCLUSIVE, BLUE VINYL) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
5060238638289 SYLVIAN, DAVID SLEEPWALKERS (DELUXE EDITION) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
5055869548229 TENEBRA MOONGAZER (WHITE MARBLE VINYL) 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
4250506842796 TINDERSTICKS PAST IMPERFECT THE BEST OF TINDERSTICKS ’92 - ’21 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
809236158345 VANISHING TWIN OOKII GEKKOU 06/10/2022 05/24/2022
Don't forget for Alliance orders, if you want to fill through AEC either submit to be filled or mark Broadtime on your PO to your store.
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