[BROADTIME STORES] - Minions: Rise of Gru Splash Page, Security Issues, Painted Shield + Conan Gray Updates, Social Media Assets and More - June 30, 2022


Greetings everyone, 

Happy early Independence Day. Hope you and yours enjoy the holiday weekend.

Lots to get into this week, including an update about security certificate issues that you may have encountered logging into your site admin. There are no issues with the customer-facing portion of your website, so no worries there. 

We know many of you have had questions about the recently Painted Shield and Conan Gray releases. AEC provided updates on both and we have all the details below. 

We also have a splash page coming up mid-week next week to promote the Minions: Rise of Gru soundtrack, which features many terrific artists. Details on run dates are also included in this newsletter. 

We also have a reminder on details around fraud prevention measures that were put in place last week, as well as our list of social assets currently available, newly featured preorders, what's streeting this week and titles we're currently blocking across our sites.

If you have questions this weekend or at any point, we're always here to help. Remember to shoot a note to support@broadtime.com so that your note goes to multiple members of our team. 

Music matters!
Jon and the Broadtime team

In this email:

  • Security Issues Logging into Admin 💻
  • Painted Shield + Conan Gray Updates 📰
  • NEW Fraud Prevention tools and info 🛑
  • Minions: Rise of Gru Splash Page 📣
  • 2 Minute Clinic: Toggling Splash Pages 🙋‍♂️🍎
  • Newly Announced Featured Preorders 
  • What's New: July 1, 2022 🆕
  • Social Media Content Currently Available 📱 
  • Preorders off/blocked 🚫
  • Broadtime Manual + Newsletter Archive 


Security Issues Logging into Admin 💻

Earlier this week, we had an expired certificate on our site that is putting up a warning when you attempt to login into your Admin Home.

Everything with your website is still functioning properly and customers are not impacted at all when visiting your store's websites.

To bypass this warning, simply click "continue" or "proceed" even when your browser says it's un-secure. In reality, the site is still secured in the same manner and encrypted, we are just waiting on a renewed certificate.

Several members of our team are out on vacation this week, but we are working diligently to get the new cert properly installed and restored.

In the meantime, know that this isn't impacting the public-facing portion of your website, just the Admin login.

Let us know if you have any questions - support@broadtime.com 


Painted Shield + Conan Gray Updates 

We've received an update on two recent titles that have been a hot topic among stores and customers in recent days.

First, an update to the Painted Shield 2 release from last week. AEC has received product and they are expecting orders to start shipping this week. If you have customers inquiring about the status of their orders for this release, let them know that it should ship soon and that we're sorry for the delays. It was simply a late arrival to the warehouse and beyond our control. 

Second, we know many of you have had questions about the Conan Gray SUPERACHE [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Signed CD] (UPC 602445797707). While this is currently out of stock at AEC, they are expecting more to arrive. There is still plenty of stock remaining on the SUPERACHE unsigned CD (UPC 602445734207) and Ruby LP (UPC 602445720538).

Let us know if you have questions on either - support@broadtime.com 


NEW Fraud Prevention tools and info 🛑

We recently encountered a frustrating and challenging problem with fraud, stolen credit cards and high-priced orders/items (in this case game consoles). While we were able to stop most of the orders and shipments, we still had some slip through the cracks. We have also seen large orders get placed to freight forwarders that look suspicious.

In an effort to arm you with more powerful fraud-prevention tools and keep orders like this from happening, we have instituted a report and "hold system" for large orders. Our data shows that 98% of all orders placed across Broadtime powered stores are below $190.

Going forward you will get daily reports of any order greater than $190 and it will not be submittable to AEC for fulfillment until you "Force Submit" and let us know you are submitting the order. We can then also go into AEC and release any hold on the order.

The email will come when you have these orders once every 4 hours representing orders placed in the past 24 hours, that way you will be alerted but it won't remain an ongong message for orders where you may be waiting on a preorder.

The email you get for any orders over $190 will look like this:

High Price Order Alert for [Store Name]

This order needs manual intervention due to its large price. If it looks suspicious to you, please cancel it to prevent this message from recurring. (4 hour interval on orders from the past 24 hours).

Please reach out to support@broadtime.com if you have any questions. Alternatively, if you are confident the order is legitimate, you may go ahead and submit it to AEC using the "Force Submit to AEC" button -- please do email support@broadtime.com when you do this. You may also fill it yourself from your own inventory if desired.

06/13/22 - 412748 - $473.52

The email report will cover the last 24 hours and run once every 4 hours until that order is resolved through submission, completion or cancelation or 24-hour window passing. 
Note: Broadtime will do our best to assist you in addressing any fraud situations. This includes how to provide the best proof to dispute any charges, but ultimately the responsibility falls to the store, the banks on Stripe, and their respective dispute resolution processes. Hopefully, these tools will be a big help to you.

How to spot a freight forwarder: If you notice an order has an address and number that looks like an account number, for instance 24 Main Street #453456 either on the main address line or on its own line, that is an indicator that it's going to a domestic warehouse to be shipped overseas. Sometimes these are legitimate but also sometimes these are hard to prove disputed fraud orders. Handle with caution.


Minions: Rise of Gru Splash Page 📣

This Friday brings us the Minions: The Rise of Gru Original Soundtrack, a fun compilation featuring many recognizable names. Produced by Jack Antonoff, the Rise of Gru soundtrack has songs by Diana Ross with Tame Impala, St. Vincent, Carolina Polachek, Phoebe Bridgers and Gary Clark Jr. among others covering iconic 70s songs by the likes of John Lennon, Kool & the Gang and Nancy Sinatra. 

We'll be running a splash page promoting this release once we get on the other side of the July 4th holiday weekend. The Minions: The Rise of Gru soundtrack splash page will run from Tuesday, July 5 through Thursday, July 7

We'll send a reminder on this splash page along with a preview on Tuesday morning.


Two Minute Clinic: Toggling Splash Pages 🙋‍♂️🍎

Bringing you some bite-sized training morsels for your busy life...

Toggling Splash Pages (finding what info you need, fast)

2 min clinic - Search Features



Newly Announced Featured Preorders 

Below is a list of newly announced preorders that we are now featuring across your websites. 

Artist Title Street Date
R.E.M. Chronic Town EP: 40th Anniversary Edition 08/19/2022
Megadeth The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! 09/02/2022
The Black Angels  Wilderness Of Mirrors 09/16/2022
Pink Floyd Hey Hey Rise Up  10/21/2022



What's New: July 1, 2022 🆕

These featured preorders come out Friday...whoop whoop...

Artist Title
Various Artists Minions: The Rise of Gru Soundtrack
UB40 Unprecedented



Remember, to add a tag for the artist and hashtag the album with your text posting for the best visibility... we have now added text and hashtags you may use.
Labels and Artists appreciate this coverage plus we have seen it really drives sales on your website.
Don't forget, these assets are now easily available with one click from your Admin Home. At the top left of the screen just under your store's logo, you'll see a link for "Social Media Assets" alongside a link to the store manual. This link will take you directly to any assets we currently have available and give you easy access to download them for use on your channels. 

New Social Media Assets Link


° THE ROLLING STONES - Live at the El Mocambo  05-13

° 49 WINCHESTER - Fortune Favors the Bold 05-13

° FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Dance Fever 05-13

° LYLE LOVETT - 12th of June 05-13

° MALLRAT - Butterfly Blue 05-13

° MANDY MOORE - In Real Life 05-13

° TANK AND THE BANGAS - Red Balloon 05-13

° THE BLACK KEYS - Dropout Boogie 05-13

° MAVIS STAPLES & LEVON HELM - Carry Me Home 05-20

° DEF LEPPARD - Diamond Star Halos 05-27

° ABBA - ABBA Album Box Set 05-27

° DARIUS RUCKER - #1's Volune 1 06-03

° BEN ZAIDI- Acre of Salt 06-03

° FRANK SINATRA - Watertown 06-03

° JASMYN - In The Wild 06-03

° POST MALONE - Twelve Carat Toothache 06-03

° S.G. GOODMAN - Teeth Marks 06-03

° CARRIE UNDERWOOD - Denim & Rhinestones 06-10

° ELTON JOHN - Madman Across the Water 06-10

° JOYCE MANOR - 40 Oz. to Freson 06-10 

° THE BEACH BOYS - Sounds of Summer 06-17 

° AROOJ AFTAB - Vulture Prince Deluxe 06-24

° CONAN GRAY - Superache 06-24

° JACK JOHNSON - Meet the Moonlight 06-24

° SOCCER MOMMY - Sometimes, Forever 06-24

° VARIOUS ARTISTS - Minions: The Rise of Gru 07-01

° UB40 FEAT. CAMPBELL & ASTRO - Unprecedented 07-01



° NEW: THE LINDA LINDAS - Growing Up 07-15

Check them all out on your own site with site-specific links for you.

https:// [yourstore]/SocialFeatures (This is the link now provided at the top of your Admin Home)
Currently blocked:
UPC Artist Title Street Date Block Began 
7331915024038 CRIMSON SHADOWS IT'S THE F******* SHADOWS! 07/01/2022 06/14/2022
634457812451 EARTH FULL UPON HER BURNING LIPS (GOLD & BLACK GALAXY VINYL) 07/01/2022 06/14/2022
634457812451 EARTH FULL UPON HER BURNING LIPS (GOLD & BLACK GALAXY VINYL) 07/01/2022 06/14/2022
848064013792 MINNELLI, LIZA LIVE IN NEW YORK 1979--THE ULTIMATE EDITION 07/01/2022 06/14/2022
809236136077 PERE UBU THE MODERN DANCE (WHITE VINYL) 07/01/2022 06/14/2022


WRITE IT IN THE SKY (INDIE EXCLUSIVE) 07/01/2022 06/14/2022
617308014327 YAEJI EP 1+2 (IEX) 07/01/2022 06/15/2022
194399664612 CAKE FASHION NUGGET 07/08/2022 06/28/2022
075678638022 LIZZO SPECIAL (IEX) 07/15/2022 06/22/2022
045778787555 LINDA LINDAS GROWING UP (IEX) 07/15/2022 06/28/2022
602445684427 HALSEY If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power: Tour Edition [Olive Green LP] 07/15/2022 06/29/2022
Don't forget for Alliance orders, if you want to fill through AEC either submit to be filled or mark Broadtime on your PO to your store.
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