[BROADTIME STORES] Back and Available Reminder, Social Media Assets, What's New This Week + More - September 8, 2022


Greetings everyone, 

Hope you're all having a fantastic week. 

Don't forget, we have a new section on each of your websites that features recently back-in-stock and available titles available through AEC. This list is updated daily as we receive the information from Alliance. This creates another tremendous marketing and selling opportunity on each of your sites. 

This is just one of several never upgrades and enhancements to the Tuneportals platform that our programming team has been working on. We'll have details on other new features soon. As always, we welcome your feedback and what you feel will benefit you and your store - send any feedback or suggestions to support@broadtime.com

Speaking of marketing to your customers, we uploaded social media content to each of your sites over the past week for six titles streeting tomorrow. Don't forget to take advantage of these assets on your own social channels to engage your audience and drive sales. 

As always, we have our list of social media assets currently available, newly featured preorders and more.

Music matters!
Jon and the Broadtime team

In this email:

  • Recently Back and Available Online Section 
  • Minute Clinic: Importing Local Store Inventory 🙋‍♂️🍎
  • Newly Announced Featured Preorders 
  • What's New: September 9, 2022 🆕
  • Social Media Content Currently Available 📱 
  • Preorders off/blocked 🚫
  • Broadtime Manual + Newsletter Archive 


Recently Back and Available Online - Section 🆕

In our regular correspondence with AEC, we discovered that we can now easily discern titles that are recently restocked at Alliance and back available for sale. 

We felt this was valuable information that many of you may want to leverage as a marketing/selling opportunity for your customers. With that in mind, we've added a new section to each of your websites titled Recently Back and Available Online (titled as such to avoid any confusion with customers who may think you would have these titles in-house locally). 

This section will auto-populate as we receive the information from AEC in our Datafeed. It's available on each of your sites as a genre at [yourwebsite.com]/RecentlyBack  ( or /Genre/695807).

Of course, if you want to upload recently restocked pieces that you have in-store on your website, you can upload your local inventory as well. More on that in our Two Minute Clinic below. 

If you have questions on this or anything else, shoot us a note - support@broadtime.com 



2 Minute Clinic - Importing Local Store Inventory 🙋‍♂️🍎

Bringing you some bite-sized training morsels for your busy life...

Two Minute Clinic: Importing Local Inventory



Newly Announced Featured Preorders 

Below is a list of newly announced preorders that we are now featuring across your websites. 

Artist Title Street Date
Willow  COPINGMECHANISM 9/23/2022
Brandi Carlile In The Canyon Haze 9/30/2022
The Beatles Revolver: Special Edition 10/28/2022



What's New: September 9, 2022 🆕

These featured preorders come out Friday...whoop whoop...

Artist Title
The Paranoyds Talk Talk Talk
Parkway Drive Darker Still
Charley Crockett The Man From Waco
Madison Cunningham Revealer
Kiss KISS Off The Soundboard: Live In Des Moines
Roxy Music Reissues
Of Montreal Freewave Lucifer f-ck f-ck f-ck



Remember, to add a tag for the artist and hashtag the album with your text posting for the best visibility... we have now added text and hashtags you may use.
Labels and Artists appreciate this coverage plus we have seen it really drives sales on your website.
Don't forget, these assets are now easily available with one click from your Admin Home. At the top left of the screen just under your store's logo, you'll see a link for "Social Media Assets" alongside a link to the store manual. This link will take you directly to any assets we currently have available and give you easy access to download them for use on your channels. 

New Social Media Assets Link



° THE LINDA LINDAS - Growing Up 07-15

° BOB MARLEY - Bob Marley with the Chineke! Orchestra 07-22

° ALEX THE ASTRONAUT - How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater 07-22

° JACK WHITE - Entering Heaven Alive 07-22

° THE KOOKS - 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark 07-22

° WHISKEY MYERS - Tornillo 07-29

° ATEEZ - The World EP 1 Movement 07-29

° MAGGIE ROGERS - Surrender 07-29

° THE INTERRUPTERS - In The Wild 08-05

° NEIL YOUNG + PROMISE OF THE REAL - Noise and Flowers 08-05

° PAUL MCCARTNEY - McCartney I II III 08-05

° RICH RUTH - I Survived, It's Over 08-12

° DANNY ELFMAN - Bigger. Messier. 08-12

° GOO GOO DOLLS - Chaos in Bloom 08-12

° BEASTIE BOYS - Check Your Head 30th Anniversary 08-12

° ELTON JOHN - Remastered Vinyl Series 08-12

° R.E.M. - Chronic Town 08-12

° DEMI LOVATO - Holy Fvck 08-12

° FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Afterlife 08-19

° THICK - Happy Now 08-19

° ERIC CHURCH - & 08-19

° BLONDIE - Against the Odds 1974-1982 08-26

° JULIA JACKLIN -  Pre Pleasure 08-26

° MARCUS KING - Young Blood 08-26

° MUSE - Will of the People 08-26


° MEGADETH - The Sick, The Dying..and The Dead 09-02

° NEW: JON PARDI - Reissues 09-02

° ROXY MUSIC - Reissues 09-09

° CHARLEY CROCKETT - Man from Waco 09-09

° NEW: KISS - Kiss Off the Soundboard: Live inDes Moines 09-09

° NEW: MADISON CUNNINGHAM - Revealer 09-09

° NEW: OF MONTREAL - Freewave Lucifer f-ck f-ck f-ck 09-09

° NEW: PARKWAY DRIVE - Darker Still 09-09

° NEW: THE PARANOYDS - Talk Talk Talk 09-09

° MICHELLE BRANCH - The Trouble with Fever 09-16

° DAYGLOW - People in Motion 10-07

Check them all out on your own site with site-specific links for you.

https:// [yourstore]/SocialFeatures (This is the link now provided at the top of your Admin Home)
Currently blocked:
UPC Artist Title Street Date Block Began 
190296611964 DAFT PUNK ALIVE 2007 09/09/2022 08/30/2022
190296611902 DAFT PUNK                              HUMAN AFTER ALL                09/09/2022 08/30/2022
190296611865 DAFT PUNK  DAFT CLUB 09/09/2022 08/30/2022
793888920118 CROCKETT, CHARLEY              MAN FROM WACO                09/09/2022 08/30/2022
036172612536 HANSARD, GLEN              SWELL SEASON 09/09/2022 08/30/2022
192641602788 CURSIVE CURSIVE'S DOMESTICA 09/09/2022 08/30/2022
5016958101398 BJÖRK                          FOSSORA 09/30/2022 08/31/2022
4050538827408 TOMLINSON, LOUIS        


(IEX Black & Red)               



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