Tunes - Voorhees, NJ

Tunes - Voorhees, NJ

Located in Voorhees, about 30 miles outside downtown Philadelphia, Tunes has been serving the South Jersey area since 1989 and was once part of the same network of stores as Tunes Hoboken, a CIMS member. 

Despite having 30 years under its belt, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted business at Tunes, as it did for many independent retailers around the world. As the pandemic wore on, Tunes' owner made the difficult decision to close the store.

That's when the store's employees decided to step in, not wanting to see a shop that has meant so much to the community for three decades go away. The employees took over the store and continue to keep Tunes alive, offering an array of new and used vinyl. 

Tunes also hosts shows to support the local scene and its new employee-owners hope to keep Tunes' status as a staple of the South Jersey music for years to come. 

Tunes - Voorhees, NJ
Owner: Evan Lynch

Address: 910 Haddonfield-Berlin Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone: 856-258-4714

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