Records with Merritt - Kansas City

Records with Merritt - Kansas City

Marion Merritt has spent nearly 30 years in the music business. After spending 18 years managing the music department at one of Kansas City's Barnes & Noble locations, she struck out on her own in 2014, opening Records with Merritt in KC's vibrant Midtown-Westport neighborhood. 

While she values her experience working for a larger company, saying she "learned so much in that environment," Marion relishes every moment of running her own indie music store. Marion curates the offerings at Records with Merritt, which she calls a store for the Vinylist. 

Records with Merritt specializes in new vinyl across a multitude of genres, including R
ock, Pop, R& B, Indie, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rap/Hip Hop, Electronica, Dance, Soundtracks and World Music.

Marion is also proud to carry LPs, CDs and cassettes of local Kansas City artists. 

A women/minority-owned business, Records with Meritt also strives to serve as a people-friendly, non-judgmental environment for the Kansas City music community. 

Records with Merritt - Kansas City
Owner: Marion M Merritt and Ann Stewart

Address: 1614 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-585-7366

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