NTX Vinyl - DFW Metroplex

NTX Vinyl - DFW

G.I. Sanders founded NTX (North Texas) Vinyl three years ago as an outpost inside a suburban Dallas antique mall. Initially, NTX Vinyl's offers were "An extension of me and my collecting," Sanders recently told The Sound of Safe & Sound Texas. A year into running NTX vinyl, the pandemic hit and while that presented the same challenge to Sanders that all stores faced, he saw it as an opportunity to expand into online sales. 

Shifting to online sales "was a game-changer and an eye-opener," said Sanders. "Retail shut down and I remember thinking 'maybe that's it.' My last-ditch effort was to double-down on doing online stuff and that's really what set fire to the whole thing because that expanded my audience so much and at the same time you had all these people stuck at home, looking for things to do and records became a thing again in a lot of people's eyes.

"The demand has skyrocketed since then and isn't stopping at all."

As in-person commerce began returning, Sanders piggybacked off his success selling online to continue the growth of NTX Vinyl's presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. NTX now boasts three locations around the DFW Metroplex - Highland Village, Frisco and North Richland Hills.

As odd as it may sound, the pandemic may have helped NXT's business, as it forced Sanders to think innovatively about selling records online. 

"The exponential growth for the brand of NTX Vinyl, I can't understate how important that is (doubling-down with a digital strategy and online presence) to the story of what's got me to where I am. If retail hadn't shut down, I don't know how long it would have taken me to build that online presence."

NTX Vinyl - Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex
Owner: G.I. Sanders

Website: shop.ntxvinyl.com/
Address: Three DFW Locations
Phone: 214-305-6322

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NTX Vinyl - DFW