22 Sounds - Mandeville, La.

22 Sound - Mandeville, La.

After a decade in the banking industry, Manuel Gemperli decided to quit his day job and follow his passion for music. Along with his wife, Kimberly, the couple opened up 22 Sound, just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans in Mandeville, La. in 2021.

Manuel and Kimberly’s goal was to open a music store that is constantly evolving, celebrating music that is fresh as well as classic. 22 Sound is a place to explore, discover, listen, and most importantly, celebrate music.

22 Sound is truly a family affair. In addition to Manuel and Kimberly, the store is staffed by Manuel’s brother and sister-in-law, Stewart Dowouis and Kate Rohm. Their collective love of music has led to a store where customers can truly discover something new. Their outlook is that vinyl records aren't a retro accessory, but a tried-and-true way to capture and preserve music while also providing a physical connection to the artist and their art.

22 Sound

Owner: Manuel Gemperli
Website: 22soundrecords.com
Address: 5200 LA-22, Mandeville, LA 70471
Phone: 985-792-7270

Platform Handle
Facebook @22soundrecords
Instagram @22soundrecords

22 Sound - Mandeville, La.