Plan 9 Music (Richmond)

Plan 9 Music (Richmond)

Plan 9 Music is a full service, independent retailer with more than 25 years in the music retailing business. They carry a deep rock catalog, but also carry an extensive selection in most musical genres, from bluegrass to jazz to hip-hop. Plan 9 also offers a broad selection of used CD, DVD, LP, video games and collectibles.

Plan 9 is an active supporter of the independent music community, supporting local artists and their shows. They currently carry over 300 titles on consignment directly from area bands, and encourage in-store performances at all of their stores.

Plan 9 Music's employees are dedicated to expanding our local music scene and exposing their shoppers to a wide array of music in a true indie record store environment.

3017 W. Cary St. Richmond VA 23221

Plan 9 uses Broadtime's Tuneportals for their e-commerce websites and in-store BPM Listening Station.

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