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Amoeba Music

Amoeba MusicAmoeba Music has earned years of acclaim and built a reputation as one of California's best music stores. With stores in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood, Amoeba has achieved elite record store status, for all music fans. Broadtime is extremely proud to deliver BPM Listening stations for Amoeba's locations. Our customized interface and flexibility were important features for the stores and their customers. Now shoppers can preview much more music and stay informed and up to date with all things happening in the Amoeba community.

Amoeba Music Store News and Happenings 


In 1990 Amoeba Music was born on Telegraph Avenue in one of California's most exciting and revolutionary cities -- Berkeley.  The passion we shared with our customers for a truly broad, expertly stocked music selection at an irresistible price quickly kindled into a strong community and widespread attention.  Since then we've expanded many times, and opened stores in two major California cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Today, music lovers come from far and near to visit the original Amoeba Music, shop our hundreds of thousands of new and used CDs and LPs, and enjoy the unique Berkeley vibe. We've earned years of acclaim and built a reputation as one of California's best music stores.  Come visit and you'll see why!
2455 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704

In 1997 Amoeba Music crossed the Bay to open its San Francisco location, in a converted bowling alley at the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park.  Here we stock hundreds of thousands of music and movie titles from every genre imaginable, and we're constantly buying great collections and bringing in new product.  The beautiful, dynamic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, with its history of music and free expression, is the perfect place for an offshoot from the original location in like-minded Berkeley.  With our huge selection, kool staff, and amazing live shows, we're a must-see part of San Francisco!
1855 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

In November 2001 Amoeba Music opened its biggest store yet, on Sunset Boulevard in downtown Hollywood. Occupying an entire city block, this store houses the biggest, broadest, most diverse collection of music and movies ever seen on under one roof. Altogether, our 2 shopping floors and our Jazz room boast millions of titles on CD, DVD and vinyl, new and used, and our stock changes as fast as our customers bring in their old collections.
6400 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Amoeba Music uses Broadtime's BPM Stations for their in-store preview and marketing

Amoeba BPM Interface