The Vinyl Groove Records - Bedford, OH

The Vinyl Groove Records

David and Cecilia Wolfeturned their passion for music into a store in 2014 when they opened The Vinyl Groove in Bedford, Ohio. At any given time, The Vinyl Groove offers more than 15,000 new titles and an additional 30,000 clean, used stock all of which isgraded, VPI cleaned and sleeved.

In addition to albums, The Vinyl Groove also repairs turntables, tape decks, speakers and receivers for customers.

"We take our store and community very seriously," said David Wolfe. "We want our store to be a reflection of what we would want to see in a record store. Even though we see more records than humanly possible every day, we still get excited about new releases and reissues we can share with the record-buying community."

The Vinyl GrooveRecords
Owner:David Wolfe andCecilia Wolfe
Address: 679 Broadway Avenue, Bedford, OH 44146
Phone: 440-439-8371

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