Everybody's Records, Cincinnati, Ohio 🏪

Everybody's Records

Founded by Marilyn Kirby in 1978, Everybody's Records has been serving the Cincinnati music community in the same location for over four decades.

Everybody's offers a wide variety of new and used vinyl, as well asCDs and cassettes. While any business that's been around for 40+ years has seen some form of obstacles, Everybody's has overcome them all and stood the test of time, even as music consumption has changed.

"We never gave up on carrying records and we aren't giving up on CDs," said Everybody's Manager Patrick Dorsey. "We believe physical music will survive."

Everybody's Records
Owner: Marilyn Kirby
Manager: Patrick Dorsey
Address: 6106 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: 513-531-4500

Everybody's Records, Cincinnati