The Head - Vinyl Records, Hagerstown, Maryland 🏪

The Head - Vinyl Records

Many folks wouldn't dream ofcompletely changing their business model in the heart of a pandemic, but that's exactly what Rik Parks did when he opened The Head - Vinyl Records in October 2020.

Pre-pandemic, Parks operated as The Maryland Institute of Music. While they still offer music instruction on everything from guitar, vocals and piano to drums, DJing and performance, COVID forced Parks to get nimble.

"We are a music school first and foremost," said Parks. "When COVID hit, we lost almost all of our students. Instead of closing, we decided to sell records and see if it would help. It did!"

What started with around 100 used vinylhas grown to a full offering of nearly 5,000 new and used records that customers are willing to drive from up to four hours away to peruse.

"We also offer vinyl de-warping and cleaning services using an obi record flattener and ultrasonic cleaner. We have a very unique five-step process that we invented and have become known for."

The Head - Vinyl Records
Owner:Rik Parks
Address: 17559 York Rd, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
Phone: 240-452-1920
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Rik Parks, The Head - Vinyl Records, Hagerstown, MD