Clear Cache Button for Page Updates

When updating Custom Pages on your site or making other edits via Tuneportals, simply clicking submit or update won't be enough to immediately reflect the changes you've made. The updates are in effect, but your browser will store an old version of the page for a few hours, called a cache. You may clear your local browser cache BUT we keep a server cache up to an hour.

You can create a bookmarked 
button that will clear this server cache and load the latest version of the page rather than the stored one, and here's how:
1. Make a bookmark of any page

2. Change the name of the bookmark to "Clear Cache" and save it to a tool bar.

3. Edit the bookmark to have the following code instead of an http web address:

javascript:(function()%7Bfunction callback()%7B(function(%24)%7Bvar jQuery%3D%24%3B%24.ajax(%7Burl%3Awindow.location.href%2Ctype%3A"GET"%2CbeforeSend%3A function(xhr)%7Bxhr.setRequestHeader("fresh"%2C"yes")%3Bxhr.setRequestHeader("Cache-Control"%2C"no-cache")%3B%7D%2Csuccess%3Afunction(x)%7Bwindow.location.reload(true)%3B%7D%7D)%7D)(jQuery.noConflict(true))%7Dvar s%3Ddocument.createElement("script")%3Bs.src%3D""%3Bif(s.addEventListener)%7Bs.addEventListener("load"%2Ccallback%2Cfalse)%7Delse if(s.readyState)%7Bs.onreadystatechange%3Dcallback%7Ddocument.body.appendChild(s)%3B%7D)()

You only have to press the button once, and if you're unsure if its working, look for loading symbols or other signs the page is being reloaded. If you followed all of these instructions correctly, upon reload the changes you made should be in effect. 

Still have questions? 

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