Broadtime and Stripe Instructions

Let’s cover these scenarios.
1. You want to issue a REFUND and cancel the order. We have written about this process extensively in our email newsletters. I’m going to copy and paste some content from there.  Our Newsletter Archive is here:  NEWSLETTERS
Example if you need to refund this order:
Click the link in order history
2095655 5:16 PM 01/12/21 stripe_auth_success 114.61 ch_1I8vAAB4ItOWc1svwPy3TzL0
That will take you to here:
If you wanted to do a “partial” charge due to there being a gift certificate or other reason you will click “CAPTURE” and it will pop up a dialog box for you to put in the amount you want to charge (less than the auth)  
(Note: again if it’s a preorder and someone wants to apply a gift card you will need to refund the amount)
It’s the same process in reverse. The Capture button will say Refund and give a pop up box for you to enter the amount.
2. If you need to make a NEW charge that is above the authorized amount (say extra shipping needed)
You need to click on the store customer that has the stored card. This takes to the customer page like so:
Here you click “CREATE” to create a brand new payment against that card (like a cash register)
Again go to the CUSTOMER page by clicking on the email address.
Customer page:  Here you click “CREATE” to create a brand new payment against that card (like a cash register)
This brings up a dialog box to enter the new payment and say what it’s for...

Gift Certificates - physical (vs online)

Our system is enabled to process digital gift certificates at checkout which is an option for you.

In order to apply a credit for a Gift Cert after the fact that will be a “refund” if it’s for a preorder that charges in advance and it will be a “partial” charge if the card has only been authorized.