2 Minute Clinic

Cash Flow and Profit for AEC Sales
Understanding how and when you get paid

Changing a Preorder Address
(when a customer moves after an order has been submitted to AEC)

Requesting a Return
(shipped from Alliance to your customer)

Cancelation Procedure & Refunds
(when a customer cancels a Preorder)

Search Features for Orders Placed
(finding the info you need, fast)


Here is the quick and easy way to turn Splash Pages ON or OFF

Importing Local Store Inventory

How to make in-house inventory available on your website

Banning/Blocking a Customer

A step-by-step guide

Unblocking Items

Ensure your in-store inventory is accurate


Successfully run them on your website

Adding Custom Products

Sell t-shirts, posters and more on your website

Dedicated Preorder Emails

Alert your customers about titles they can currently preorder on your site

Getting Started with VistaSocial

Learn how to connect and manage your social media